Kyli Singh

Kyli Singh

Studio 20 2014

Job: Audience Strategy Operations Manager at TIME Inc.
Location: New York, NY
Hometown: Tampa, FL

What I Do Now

I work across TIME Inc.’s portfolio on audience strategy operations, analytics and growth. I set audience growth goals and build strategies to meet them.

Before Studio 20

I was a social networking specialist and a marketing assistant.

During Studio 20, I worked directly with…

Scholastic, NBC, Mashable, WNYC, ProPublica, The Associated Press, MIT Tech Review, HuffPost, Yahoo News

Final Project Partner


Problem I helped solve…

As users turn to mobile devices and to video on mobile, how do established brands extend themselves to these newer forms? Sarah Bourassa and I experimented with how short-form videos interact with social media to establish mobile engagement, brand awareness and a consistent voice.

Professional hops since graduating…

I was a News Editor at Yahoo News and then an Associate Editor at HuffPost Labs.

Why Studio 20

I knew Studio 20 was right for me because I was interested in being at the forefront of innovative journalism and experimenting with new ways to tell stories. Through hands-on partnerships with media organizations, the program taught me how to think strategically about journalism and solutions to newsroom problems.