Sheba Anyanwu

Sheba Anyanwu

Studio 20 2017

Links: Twitter

Location: New York, NY
Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

Before Studio 20

Before Studio 20 I had worked as a social media producer in two startups. I worked as a video community fellow at Storyhunter, a platform that connects freelance video journalists with publishers around the world. I created digital strategies to distribute the video content, produced editorial content for the platform and managed community events with filmmakers and documentarians.

During Studio 20, I worked directly with…

Facebook, Human Rights Watch, The Wall Street Journal and Irokox, a subsidiary of Iroko TV (Nollywood’s top streaming platform)

Final Project Partner

Human Rights Watch

Problem I helped solve…

How can NGO’s and advocacy groups who produce editorial products (or function like news organizations) use Instagram stories to engage new audiences and distribute their content.

What my specialties are

Digital storytelling, product strategy, audience development and engagement, design thinking, content strategy, email newsletters, multimedia