Todd Olmstead

Todd Olmstead

Studio 20 2011

Job: Senior Audience Editor at The Wall Street Journal
Location: London, U.K.
Hometown: West Hartford, CT

What I Do Now

I help run our social media and audience engagement strategy.

Before Studio 20

I worked for an independent music festival in Iowa City, where I did a variety of jobs, such as bartender, barista, and substitute teacher to support myself.

During Studio 20, I worked directly with…

Mashable, ProPublica

Final Project Partner


Problem I helped solve…

I focused on how to improve engagement by optimizing quality contributions in the comments section.

Professional hops since graduating…

I went from Studio 20 to Mashable where I worked on the community engagement team. After about 2 years, I jumped to the Wall Street Journal.

Why Studio 20

Studio 20 gave me the skills to succeed in a competitive digital media market. But more than that, it helped me understand how to navigate this world from a professional standpoint. Come out of grad school understanding what it takes to work with a variety of different people across newsrooms was immensely valuable.

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