Tracy Levy

Tracy Levy

Studio 20 2012

Job: Freelance Multimedia Consultant at Self Employed / Incident Free Operations
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Hometown: Houston, TX

What I Do Now

I am currently employed by a safety training company to overhaul the training platform of a major American oil and gas company. I am in charge of all mutimedia for the program, meaning I shoot, produce, and edit videos and slideshows for training. I am also at work on my own documentary, and I work as a producer and cinematographer on several ongoing documentaries and web-series here in Israel.

Before Studio 20

I was an editor at the English website of the Israeli newspaper

During Studio 20, I worked directly with…

Tablet Magazine, The Guardian

Final Project Partner

Tablet Magazine

Problem I helped solve…

I examined best practices for integrating video into small, born-on-the-web media ventures looking for ways to expand their brand:

Professional hops since graduating…

I was hired by Tablet to continue the work I had begun as part of my final Studio 20 project. Since Studio 20, I have had a steady stream of freelance work as a producer, videographer, and photographer.

Why Studio 20

The program is all about innovation and experimentation; this combined with its flexibility allowed me take the ideas I learned and apply them in the field that most interests me: documentary film and other forms of multimedia. Everyone in my program had different work interests, but the program itself gave us a strong basis of knowledge, experience, and way of thinking to then take back to our niche fields of interest.