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A journalism program located in the publishing capital of the world should be more than a teaching institute. It should be a publisher. Welcome to the Institute’s publishing platform. Here the Institute acts as both public-interest publisher and presenter of work in different media by our students, faculty and alumni. In part, it is our laboratory, the place where we teach journalism by doing journalism and offer it to readers, listeners, viewers, and interactive users. Teaching requires one kind of audience, publishing quite another. This is where the two meet. The emphasis is on quality — work that is accurate and compelling, innovative and classic. We hope you enjoy it.

Los Angeles Times
Why ‘Macbeth’ actor Corey Hawkins felt compelled to study the classics
Craigh Barboza
Adjunct Faculty
Some New Mexico gun laws are minimally enforced – many never even became law
Curtis Segarra
SHERP 2020
The Guardian
‘We need a new commons’: how city life can offer us the vital power of connection
Suketu Mehta
Associate Professor
The New Yorker
The Afghans America Left Behind
Eliza Griswold
Distinguished Writer in Residence
The New York Times
Josh Hawley and the Republican Obsession With Manliness
Liza Featherstone
Adjunct Faculty
The Washington Post
The story of one New York girl and the precarious lives of the poor
Ted Conover
The New York Times
A Climbing Award That May Be a Winner’s Last
Michael Levy
Literary Reportage 2023
It’s Time to Rethink the 12-hour Nursing Shift
Maile Mercer
SCW 2021
Knowable Magazine
Question the ‘lab leak’ theory. But don’t call it a conspiracy.
Ivan Oransky, MD
Distinguished Writer in Residence
narratively | nyc
This Writer Seriously Knows Her Sh*t
Kudrat Wadhwa
Literary Reportage 2020
The Hollywood Reporter
“The First Black Movie Star,” Nina Mae McKinney, Gets a Film Retrospective in New York
Craigh Barboza
Adjunct Faculty
narratively | nyc
Meet the Obsessive Role-Players Who Live Inside the World of Grand Theft Auto
Meghan Gunn
Literary Reportage 2021
‘It’s Rough Out Here’: A VICE Guide to Making Friends
Sam Eagen
Reporting the Nation and NY 2019
Book: Taste Makers: Seven Immigrant Women Who Revolutionized Food in America
Taste Makers: Seven Immigrant Women Who Revolutionized Food in America
Mayukh Sen
Adjunct Faculty
The New York Times
The Many Layers of Lorna Simpson
Shirley Nwangwa
Literary Reportage 2018
Science News
Epidemics have happened before and they’ll happen again. What will we remember?
Aimee Cunningham
SHERP 2004
Jason Stavers
Literary Reportage 2021
The New Yorker
The Afterlife of Rachel Held Evans
Eliza Griswold
Distinguished Writer in Residence
The Root
Is Kamala Harris Being Set Up to Win or Fail? Rev. Al Sharpton Weighs In
Sughnen Yongo-Okochi
Reporting the Nation & New York 2021
Sounds Like Hate
Sounds Like Hate
Yvonne Latty
Clinical Professor
The Atlantic
Palestine Isn’t Ferguson
Susie Linfield
The New Republic
Red America’s Compassion Fatigue: A Report From Mobile, Alabama
Marion Renault
SHERP 2019
The Washington Post
Lebanon’s people face a deadly false choice: Impunity or chaos
Mohamad Bazzi
Associate Professor | Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies, Director
NYC school segregation legal battle continues despite proposed changes to gifted test
Pooja Salhotra
Literary Reportage 2022