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The Journalism Institute’s undergraduate track in Journalism prepares its students to think, research, report and write as journalists who aspire to the highest levels of the profession in whatever subject areas they ultimately embrace. It places heavy emphasis on understanding the significance of the journalist’s role as an ethically grounded purveyor of news and insight and provides repeated opportunities to learn from the best through the close reading of seminal works in the field and equally close editing of student work.

At the same time, the program cultivates a passion for news and for the responsibilities involved in its coverage. It develops the student’s ability to research and report, to generate fresh story ideas and approaches to the coverage of all manner of subjects, and to work diligently at mastering story structure across media, both for work in immediate and longer-range deadline formats.

Honors Video 2: Brooke Kroeger’s Honors Class

The Program

Within the Journalism concentration, students choose either the Print/Online sequence or the Broadcast sequence.

In a reflection of the changing media landscape, and to prepare students to work across media platforms, the sequences differ in only The Beat and Advanced Reporting skills courses. (See the full curriculum.)

Elective offerings appear in a wide variety of categories: Journalism and Society, Journalism as Literature, Issues and Ideas, Methods and Practice, Methods and Practice: Visual Reporting, Elective Reporting Topics, Media Criticism, Production and Publication, and Seminar.

We also offer pass/fail internships and opportunities for Advanced Individualized Study.

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