How do I transfer into the Journalism Institute?

It is not possible to transfer into the Journalism Institute. The Journalism Institute is a part of the College of Arts and Sciences. To declare a major in Journalism, you must be a student of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Why are Journalism majors required to double major?

There are several reasons why we require Journalism majors to double major. Chief among them is that we have found our undergraduate major students are more successful after graduation when they enter the workforce with expertise on how to write and report as well as deep knowledge of a specific subject area. Moreover, our faculty firmly believe that students should have a specialized area of interest in the form of a second major to help ground and put into practice the journalistic skills they are learning as part of the major.

How do I declare a major in Journalism?

To declare the journalism major, you will need to complete Investigating Journalism (JOUR-UA 50) or Journalistic Inquiry: The Written Word (JOUR-UA 101) with a grade of C or better. Once you have done that, you can submit an online Journalism Major Declaration Form. See Declaring the Major for details.

Do journalism majors have to complete an internship?

No, but we strongly encourage it. It is also possible for you to earn credits while pursuing a Journalism Institute approved internship. To learn more about possible internship opportunities as well as how to earn credits for internships please reach out to Sylvan Solloway or Craigh Barboza. Please also see the Career Services section of the NYU Journalism Institute website.

I am a transfer student who studied journalism at my previous institution. Is it possible for some of my previous classes to count towards the Journalism major at NYU?

Maybe. To find out, you can submit an online Course Substitution Petition to request that your courses be substituted for journalism requirements. See Course Substitutions for details.