Internships and Jobs

The CRC program teaches students to work in a variety of genres including the review, the critical essay, the profile, the op/ed commentary, the long-form reported piece, and the book. Below is a list of selected publications where our graduates work and have published, along with a list of their book projects.

Publications and institutions where CRC graduates are currently working, or have worked:

CRC alumni have freelanced for the following publications, among others:

Book projects from CRC graduates:


Internships enable students to gain real-world experience, learn new skills, and make contacts in the magazine, newspapers and publishing world. Should they wish to intern, either during the summer or in the second or third semester, Cultural Reporting and Criticism students have an array of publications to choose from.

Internships are facilitated with the help of the Journalism Institute's career services office, or through our network of CRC alumni.

In recent years, Cultural Reporting and Criticism students have interned at, among many others: