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"GloJo" came together as a Journalism field of study in 2007, meaning our first graduates were the Class of 2009. Here's a year by year report on what some of our recent alumni and current students are doing. You can get a good sense of the publishing of our current students and alumni (real time) on GloJo's Facebook page.  


Sara Afzal (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2014) has accepted a position starting mid-November as a communications assisant at ProPublica.

Mel Bailey (GLoJo-French Studies 2014) has been hired by Voice of America to join its West Africa team as a digital media specialist.

Tom Finn (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2014) has accepted a London-based full-time position with Middle East Eye.

Eline Gordts (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2011), now based in San Francisco, has been promoted to Senior World Editor of the Huffington Post.

Jamiles Lartey (GloJo-Africana Studies 2015) has a fall internship with the Melissa Harris-Perry Show on MSNBC.

Michael E. MIller (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2009), a senior writer at New Times Miami, has won the Emerging Writer award at the Mayborn conference.

Abby Ohlheiser (GlLoJo-Religious Studies 2012) after significant stints with Atlantic's The Wire and before that, Slate, joined the general assignment newsdesk of the Washington Post to "generate digital enterprise and provide coverage of ongoing stories."

Michael Lee (GloJo-East Asian Studies 2014) has taken a position in the gaming universe of Digital Trends.

Grace Maalouf (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2012) is a news editor at the Huffington Post.

Matthieu Aikins (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2012) won two major awards this year for his reporting for Rolling Stone from Afghanistan: The George Polk Award for Magazine Writing and the Medill Courage in Journalism Award.

Anna Kim (GloJo-International Relations 2014) is now a communications officer with the International Rescue Committee.

Dana Varinsky (GloJo-International Relations 2013) is working at Time Out, editing the blog and the front section of the magazine.

Molly O'Toole (GloJo-International Relations 2011) has joined the Atlantic Companies DefenseOne as its first political reporter.

Julia Furlan (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2009) is Buzzfeed's Audio Editor.

Lauren Morton (GloJo-Africana Studies 2014) has been hired full-time as an editorial assistant for CNN New York, where she interned this past spring.

Molly O'Toole (GloJo-International Relations  2011) spoke to a Carnegie Council audience about her prime reporting subject area, veterans, in a presentation called "The Invisible Casulaties of America's Longest Wars."

Von Diaz (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2012) was recently featured in Newsweek, cooking her way through the classical Puerto Rican repertoire with health-conscious updates.

Makini Brice (GloJo-French Studies 2015) is reporting this spring as an intern at City Limits.

Kavitha Surana (GloJo-European Mediterranean Studies 2015), Mel Bailey (GloJo-French Studies 2014) and Makini Brice (GloJo-French Studies 2015) all went to Senegal to report over spring break with the Bureau for International Reporting, led by Prof. Jason Maloney, and this is the segment they produced for PBS News Hour on the children obliged to beg all day as a traditionally accepted part of their Koranic study. It aired 2 May 2014.

Von Diaz (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2012) has been hired as a production assistant at Storycorps.

Samantha Balaban (GLoJo-Latin American Studies 2014) has been hired as a production assistant at NPR's Morning Edition.

Michael Miller (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2009), for the second year running, has won the Sigma Delta Chi award for his article for Miami New Times about a murderous male porn star. He is a senior reporter at the paper.

Anna Callaghan (GloJo-International Relations 2014) is on a six-month fellowship at Outside magazine.

Kavitha Surana (GloJo-European/Mediterranean Studies 2015) has accepted an offer to intern this summer at the AP in Rome.

Matthieu Aikins (GloJo-graduated Near Eastern Studies 2011) has won a 2014 George Polk Award for his reporting from Afghanistan for Rolling Stone.

Anna Kim (GloJo-International Relations 2014) is interning this spring at the New York Times syndicate.

Rosario Yori and Katharina Kempf (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2014) both presented on their research at the Latin American Student Association's annual conference in Austin.

Natalie Shure (GloJo-Russian/Slavic Studies 2014) spent March in Siberia working on collaborative journalism with the U.S.-Russia Social Expertise Exchange.

Anna Callaghan spent a week in Brussels in March with other American journalism students at the invitation of the European Union.

Sasha von Oldershausen (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2013) has taken an editorial position at The Real Deal.

Anna Kim (GloJo-International Relations 2013) is now a graduate research intern at Amnesty International USA.

Rosario Yori (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2014) has a spring internship at the New York Times syndicate.

Avi Asher-Schapiro (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2015) has a spring intership with NYU- CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS.

Lauren Morton (GloJo-Africana Studies 2014) is interning this spring at CNN's New York bureau.

Kavitha Surana (GloJo-European and Mediterranean Studies 2015), after a fall internship in her first semester with CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS, is moving to a start-up this spring called, a company that seeks to distribute high-quality international reporting in video.  

Samantha Balaban (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2013) follows up her internship last summer with WBUR covering the Whitey Bulger trial, to take a similar position with NPR in Washington, D.C. with "Morning Edition."

Thalia Beaty (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2015) will intern this spring at the New York public radio affiliate, WNYC.

Maggy Donaldson (GloJo-French Studies 2015) will intern this spring at WNYC.


Natalie Rinn, (GloJo-French Studies 2012) has taken a full-time position with, a firm that creates software and websites for filmmakers that enables them to sell directly to their audiences. She'll be doing all the writing, social media and think pieces for the site.

Alison Bowen (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2010), former senior features writer for Metro-US, is now a features editor at the Chicago Tribune.

Kavitha Surana (GloJo-European and Mediterranean Studies 2015) is interning with CNN's  Fareed Zakaria GPS, keeping company with Dana Sherne (GloJo-International Relations 2012), who is on the staff as a full-time PA.

Suzanne Rozdeba (GloJo-Russian Slavic Studies 2012) is a news editor for the AOL/Huffington Post Media Group, working as a homepage editor for AOL.

Shahan Mufti (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2009), whose first book, The Faithful Scribe, comes out Sept. 13, is an assistant professor of journalism at the University of Richmond

Nieves Zuberbuhler (GloJo-International Relations 2013) has been promoted from a position to CBS This Morning to be assistant to the executive editor of CBS Sixty Minutes.

Abby Ohlheiser (GloJo-Religious Studies 2012) is now a full-time staff writer at The Atlantic.

Rima Marrouch (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2009 ) has won a Silver Baton DuPont award for her reporting from Syria.

Samantha Balaban (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2013) has a summer position at WBUR in Boston, starting soon.

Michael E. Miller (GloJo-LatAM 2009), in his second Florida award of 2013, has been named "Journalist of the Year" in the Sunshine State Awards competiton of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Matthieu Aikins (GloJo-finished Near Eastern Studies 2011) is 2013 a Livingston Awards finalist in the international reporting category.

Clint Rainey (GloJo-Religious Studies 2012) has taken a job as assistant editor at New York Magazine.

Michael E. Miller (GloJo-LatAM 2009) has won a major award from the Society of Professional Journalists for his story on one of the bloodiest operations ever by Miami-Dada police. SPJ

Nicole Disser is doing a spring internship at Vice.

Mari Hayman (GloJo-LatAm 2010) is associate editor of Americas Quarterly, where she also writes.

Eline Gordts (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2011) was promoted from associate editor to the new World Editor of the Huffington Post.

Shirin Barghi (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2012) reports that she has been interning for the past six months at the Huffington Post along side recent alumni and permanent staffers Eline Gordts (Near Eastern Studies), Roque Planas (Latin American Studies) and Molly O'Toole (International Relations). She also writes regularly for The Guardian and has a bylined chapter in a recently published book, Beyond Zuccotti Park, in which she compares and contrasts Occupy Wall Street with the Iran's popular uprising.

Elizabeth Shim (GloJo-East Asian Studies 2014) will intern Summer 2013 at the Associated Press in Seoul.

Rima Marrouch (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2009) since January has been a Beirut-based Producer for NPR.

Natalie Shure (GloJo-Russian/Slavic Studies 2014) has won a FASPE fellowship to travel to Germany and Poland in summer 2013. 

Mel Baily (GloJo - French Studies 2014) is research assistant to Lisa Armstrong for her award-winning project on sexual violence in Haiti.

Dana Sherne (GloJo-International Relations 2012) in February accepted a full-time position at CNN as PA for Fareed Zakaria GPS.

Tom Finn's H.L. Stevenson fellowship from the Overseas Press Club (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2014) will take him to Reuters' Cairo bureau this summer. Here is the announcement --with photos. (Tom is on the right.)

C.C. Glenn (GloJo-French Studies 2011), has put her deep interest in food to work as Raleigh Metro Magazine's goumet columnist. 

Hania Mourtada's (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2012) byline is appearing regularly in the New York Times with a Beirut dateline.

Katie Cella (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2013) has been invited to spend a week at the European Union in Brussels, learning about EU foreign policy vis a vis the Middle East and to gain a better understanding of the EU's role in the region. 

Anna Callaghan (GloJo-International Relatons 2014) has accepted a summer 2013 internship with the Reporting Project in Sarajevo, focusing on organized crime and corruption. Anna won a $5000 Global Fellowship in Human Rights from NYU's Gallatin School, which led to this assignment.

Tamerra Griffin (GloJo-Africana Studies 2014) is interning this winter at Ebony.

Nieves Zuberbuhler (GloJo-International Relations 2013) is interning this winter at CBS 60 Minutes.


Tom Finn (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2014) has won an Overseas Press Club scholarship for 2013.

Michael E. Miller (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2009) has won the Florida Press Club's Lucy Morgan Award for In-Depth Reporting plus a First Place Prize for public safety coverage. 

Roque Planas (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2011) has moved from Fox Latino to Huffington Post Latino Voices, joining his classmates Eline Gordts (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2011) and Molly O'Toole (GloJo-IR 2011), who are full-time at Huffpost. 

Dana Varinsky and Sasha von Oldershausen took internships this fall at the Local East Village and reported hard on the aftermath of Megastorm Sandy, among other news.

Rima Marrouch (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2009) has received a Special Recognition Rpeorting Award from the Anna Lindh Foundation for her reporting on Syria and will accept the award Oct. 18 in Berlin.  

Stephanie Butnick (GloJo-Religious Studies 2011) has gone from intern to editorial assistant to editor of to full-time staff writer, all for Tablet magazine.

Ian Duncan (GloJo-International Relations 2012), following his summer stint as a Washington-based reporter for the Los Angeles Times, has taken a full-time reporting position at the Baltimore Sun. (And, July 19, he got married.) 

Summer Class of 2013 Thesis Reporting Roundup: Nieves Zuberbuhler (GloJo-Latin American Studies) is in interviewing sources in Argentina, where she has been all summer; Katie Cella (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies), preceded her internship at Foreign Policy with a month in the UAE, interviewing for her thesis; Dana Varinsky (GloJo-International Relations) is working sources in Panama City; Sasha von Oldershausen (Glojo-Near Eastern Studies) heads to Iran at the end of her internship with Huffington Post - World; and Jared Malsin (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies) worked an intensive course in Arabic into his summer reporting foray to Cairo, where he has been since May. Fatima Malik (GloJo-NearEastern Studies) is scouring rural Sindh in Pakistan and meeting in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad with sources.

Shamira Muhammad (GloJo-Africana Studies 2011) has moved to France24 in Paris, where she is a freelance assistant producer and researcher.

Suzanne Rozdeba (GloJo-Russian/Slavic Studies 2012) was a production assistant - with credit line - on Prof. Jason Maloney's recent documentary on Cambodia for PBS.

Ian Duncan (GloJo-International Relations 2012) has won the Ed Diamond Award for graduate students, the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute's singular top student honor, for 2012.

Katie Cella (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2013) is interning and writing regularly this summer for Foreign Policy.

Nieves Zuberbuhler (GloJo-International Relations 2013) will be interning at the Council on Foreign Relations this summer.

Abby Ohlheiser (GloJo-Religious Studies 2012) has been a Slatest writer for Slate all spring. She interned at Slate last fall.

Dana Sherne (GloJo-International Relations 2012) follows up her experiences during two terms as an intern on the investigative unit at CBS News and last summer at The Graphic in Accra, Ghana, with a turn at ABC's World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer.

Ian Duncan (GloJo-International Relations 2012) has been placed at the Los Angeles Times for his Washington Center for Politics & Journalism fellowship, where he is publishing regularly.

Sasha von Oldershausen (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2013) has accepted an internship position on the World Desk at the Huffington Post, starting April 1, where Eline Gordts (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2011) is associate World Editor.

Natalie Rinn (GloJo-French Studies 2012) will be visitng the headquarters of the European Union in Brussels at the invitation of the Delegation of the European Union to the United States.

Von Diaz (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2012) is working as blog editor and manager of Guantanamo Memory Project, which sseeks to build public awareness of the long history of the U.S. naval station at Guantánamo, Bay, Cuba, and foster dialogue on its future and the policies it shapes. She designed, launched and writes and edits for the site. 

Merel van Beeren (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2012) has a spring internship at Psychology Today.

Clint Rainey (GloJo-Religious Studies 2012) has an internship at New York Magazine, assisting John Heilemann.


Andrew O'Reilly (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2011) is reporting full-time for Fox News Latino

Ian Duncan (GloJo-International Relations 2012) has been accepted for the Spring 2012 "Politics & Journalism Semester" of the Washington Center for Politics & Journalism. 

Roque Planas (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2012) is reporting full-time for the New York Daily News.

Carolyn Kormann (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2008) is a fact-checker at The New Yorker.

Charity Tooze (GloJo-International Relations 2010) is the Washington-based senior communications officer for the U.N. High Commission for Refugees.

Adriana Loeff (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2009) moved from magazine editing to become a news producer at Uraguay National Television. She still makes documentaries, too.

Jelena Kopanja (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2009) is the Vienna-based editor of The Croatian Times.

Laura Rivera (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2008) has started law school at Emory University.

Molly O'Toole (GloJo-International Relations 2011) completed a summer position as a Washington D.C.-based reporter at Reuters and has taken a job in New York as a news desk editor at The Huffington Post

Ian Duncan (GloJo-International Relations 2012) and Clint Rainey (GloJo-Religious Studies 2012) both are interning this fall at The New Yorker. Ian has been awarded a scholarlship from the Hugh Fulton Byas Memorial fund, named for a British New York Times journalist who, like Ian, also spent time in Japan.

Natalie Rinn (GloJo-French Studies 2012) has a fall internship at BBC International.

Abby Ohlheiser (GloJo-Religious Studies 2012) has a fall internship with Slate.

The Summer 2011 Thesis Reporting Roundup: The GloJo class of 2012 is far-flung this summer, reporting on the thesis topics they finalized this past spring for the long-form work they will produce -- under the guidance of faculty advisers from both disciplines -- in time for graduation in May 2012. These reports in so far: Merel van Beeren (GloJo-Near East 2012) is in Turkey; Ian Duncan (GloJo-IR 2012), whose project is domestic, is one of six New York Times-NYU interns at The Local East Village; Suzanne Rozdeba (GloJo-Russian Slavic Studies 2012) has been reporting (and blogging) from all over Poland; Abby Ohlheiser (GloJo-Religious Studies 2012) posted from Dearborn, Michigan, to The Revealer, where she writes regularly; Jessica Eise is posting from Nicaragua and Dana Sherne is blogging from Accra and also writing for the Accra newspaper, The Daily Graphic

Eline Gordts (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2011) has been named Associate World Editor of The Huffington Post.  

Stephen Rex Brown (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2008), who has specialized in local community news since graduation, started in May as the first senior correspondent of New York Times-NYU The Local East Village.

Habib Battah (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2010) won the 2011 European Union's Samir Kassir Press Freedom Award  for his story on Beirut's remaining Jews.

Stephanie Butnick's (GloJo-Religious Studies 2011) Spring 2011 internship at Tablet turned into a full-time job as editorial assistant at graduation. 

Suzanne Rozdeba (GloJo-Russian/Slavic Studies 2012) has accepted this summer travel fellowship to Auschwitz, which Stephanie Butnick (GloJo-Religious Studies 2011) traveled on in Summer 2010. 

Lance Steagall (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2009) joined The Economist in New York as an online producer for Ideas.

Elissa Lerner (GloJo-Religious Studies 2011) has a spring internship with The New Yorker and is posting regularly at the

CC Glenn (GloJo-French Studies 2011) has accepted a full-time position at FrancePress, where she had been interning since September.

Merel Van Beeren (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2012) has a spring internship at The New Yorker.

Dana Sherne (GloJo-International Relations 2012) is interning for the second term with the investigative unit of CBS News.

Molly O'Toole (GloJo-International Relations 2011) has a spring internship with The Nation

Ryann Liebenthal (GloJo-French Studies 2010) has the spring Harper's internship.

Jessica Eise (GloJo-International Relations 2012) has spring internships at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Shamira Muhammad (Glojo-Africana Studies 2011) has a spring internships at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Shirin Barghi and Grace Maalouf (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2012) are interning with UNDP as Jessica Eise (GloJo-International Relations 2012) did last fall.

Eline Gordts (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2011) moves from a fall internship at Guernica to a job at the publication as editorial assistant. 

Stephen Brown (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2009), after a year at the Brooklyn Paper, honored by his former colleagues with this video tribute, has become the inaugural AOL Patch editor for Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

Von Diaz (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2012) has a paid fellowship to report for four months on LGBT immigration issues for Feet in Two Worlds


Charity Tooze (GloJo-International Relations 2010) has self-published her multi-media master's project about on Iraqi refugees in Syria and Jordan, parts of which have appeared under Charity's byline on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360"CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360" and at the Huffington Post. Her site is  Living in Limbo .

Von Diaz (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2012) has a paid fellowship to report for four months on LGBT immigration issues for Feet in Two Worlds

Jessica Eise (GloJo-International Relations 2012) submitted an application for the SAIFF contest and won! She was a host on the 2010 South Asian International Film Festival red carpet.

The master's project of Carolyn Kormann (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2008), a narrative study of glacier melt in the Andes, later published by Virginia Quarterly Review, has been listed as a notable submission in Bill Buford's Best Travel Writing of 2010.

Andrew Hansen (GloJo-French Studies 2008) has special responsibility for the Near East, North Africa and Latin America as an editor at Roubini Global Economics.  

Rima Marrouch (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2009) is a based in Beirut as a research associate in the Middle East and North Africa program of the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Clementine Gallot (GloJo-French Studies 2008) is the film and web editor of Trois Couleurs, a small Paris-based culture magazine.  

Alison Bowen (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2010) has accepted a full-time general assignment reporting position with Metro NY.

Michael E. Miller (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2009) is a full-time reporter for The Miami New Times.

Thibault Chareton (GloJo-French Studies 2009) remains in New York at the French-American Foundation, where he is working on a major program about immigration and internal media and writes the foundation's weekly news report. He recently organized a conference on the subject in Miami.

Molly O'Toole (GloJo-International Relations 2011) had a summer internship at the Associated Press bureau in Mexico City after a spring internship with Newsweek International.

Rima Marrouch (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2009) is an assistant reporter in the United Nations bureau of the London-based Al Hayat newspaper, writing in Arabic.

Alison Bowen (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2010) completed a City Room internship at The New York Times.

Adriana Leoff (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2009) is Editor in Chief at Búsqueda Weekly in Montevideo Uruguay.


Jeremy Tanner (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2009) has a news position at WPIX-TV.

Andrew Hansen (GloJo-French Studies 2008) is an editor at

Rima Marrouch (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2009) is working at Cultures of Resistance.

Alison Bowen (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2010) interned in the summer of 2009 for The New York Times for the Brooklyn edition of The Local in Fort Greene.

Lance Steagall (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2009) was promoted to assistant online editor of The Americas. He continues to consult for Hearst on search engine optimization. The blog he started with a group of friends in 2005, The Seminal, is to become part of Fire Dog Lake. The week of June 22, 2009 he will be presenting a conference paper in Havana on the sustainable agricultural practices Cuba developed following the fall of the Soviet Union. The conference is organized through the Research Network in Cuba.

Carolyn Kormann (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2008) is reporting full-time for The East Hampton Press.

Michael Miller (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2009) is interning at the New York Daily News.

Jelena Kopanja (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2009) interns at

Michael Miller (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2009) won the 2009 Stan Swinton Scholarship of the Overseas Press Club Foundation. As part of his award, the Associated Press posts him in Mexico City in the summer of 2009.

Jeremy Tanner (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2009) is interning at CNN Espanol.

Rima Marrouch (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2009) is the Middle East intern for the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Lance Steagall (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2009) works full-time for Hearst Magazines Online.

Stephen Brown (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2008) has a Spring 2009 paid internship at The Daily Beast.

Shahan Mufti (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2009) became the Pakistan correspondent for as the website launched early in 2009.


Clementine Gallot (Glojo-French Studies 2008) is a New York reporter for the French magazine, France-Amerique

Michael Miller (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2009) had a fall 2008 internship at Newsweek International.

Adriana Loeff (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2009) had a summer 2008 internship at CNN International in New York City.

Thibault Chareton (GloJo-French Studies 2009) landed a summer 2008 internship at The International Herald Tribune in Paris. In fall 2008 he worked with Radio France Internationale on Election 2008 as RFI prepared to and then broadcast live from the Institute's own studios.

Gabriela Reardon's (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2007) takeout for City Limits, based on her master's project on asylum prospects for Latin American gang members won the 2007 PASS award in the Web category. The National Council on Crime and Delinquency sponsors the award.

Jeffrey Iverson (GloJo-French Studies 2007) reports from Paris for Time magazine.

Amy Van Vechten (GloJo-French Studies 2008) is currently a multimedia producer for FLYP magazine. In the summer of 2007, she reported for LiveWire from the European Union in Brussels for six weeks and produced a piece that appeared in Abroad View. On her return from reporting her master’s project in Brussels and Paris, she and fellow NYU graduate students Nadia Taha, Joy Keh, Michael Rundle and Clare Trapasso placed second in the NLGJA (National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association) Excellence in Student Journalism Award for their multimedia project and Amy was one of four students selected and sponsored to attend the program in San Diego. In the fall of 2007, she interned for the ABC News long-form unit.

Clementine Gallot (GloJo-French Studies 2008) interned in the summer of 2007 at The New York Times Paris bureau and in the 2007-8 school year at New York 1.

Arcynta L. Ali Childs (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2008) was chosen to participate in the New York Times Student Journalism Institute for members of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ). This was only the second year of the NAHJ program, and the second time an NYU Journalism graduate student has won one of the 20 spots.

Carolyn Kormann (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2008) won a Middlebury College Fellowship in Environmental Journalism, which included $10,000. She worked with Bill McKibben (the New Yorker, National Geographic, Harper's, etc.) among others, and the program is helping with publication of her master's project.

Andrew Hansen (GloJo-French Studies 2007) interned at the Council on Foreign Relations and wrote backgrounders on the French military that also appeared in The New York Times. His other backgrounders are archived on the CFR site. He now does research and produces for the web for The French-American Foundation.

Laura Rivera (GloJo-Latin American Studies 2007) reported from Miami for The New York Times during her Institute fellowship and wrote "An Experiment and a Protest in Shantytown for Homeless." From New York, she published repeatedly during the internship that followed. She then moved on to Newsday.

Rima Marrouch (GloJo-Near Eastern Studies 2009) writes for the Damascus-based weekly, Thara.