2024 - Summer

Internships in Journalism

Course Number: JOUR-UA 980

Day & Time: Does not Meet

Instructors: Sylvan Solloway Carrera, Craigh Barboza

Journalism internships are a way for students to extend their education beyond the classroom and gain valuable real-world experience that might lead to a career. Credit internships must involve journalistic training under proper supervision in the editorial or production department of an established news organization. If you are taking a credit internship, you must enroll in the internship course offered by NYU Journalism. Most students have a maximum of 4 internship credits to use during their studies. The internship class is available for variable credit. At the time of registration, students can elect to earn 1, 2, 3 or 4 credits for the course.

We will communicate with you through Brightspace throughout the semester, and it is your responsibility to read your NYU emails and upload your assignments on time. Call or email us if you need to discuss any situations at your internship. We want to know as soon as possible, and help you navigate any on-the-job challenges.