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Whether printed on glossy paper or lovingly laid out on-line, magazines continue to offer the best examples of in-depth reporting, stylish writing and meticulously edited stories. NYU's magazine program is premised on the belief that mastering the traditional skills required to produce great journalism will remain essential in a constantly evolving media culture. We offer a wealth of classes dealing with subjects ranging from popular culture and the arts to politics and investigative reporting. The program enthusiastically embraces new technologies, with an emphasis on visual story-telling through video and photography.

Many of the greatest magazine writers have been generalists (A.J. Liebling writing about everything from
boxing to press criticism or Calvin Trillin describing his obsession with barbecue as well as covering the
civil rights movement.) The magazine program is designed for students interested in a wide array of topics. In our first-semester Reporting and Writing seminar, students learn about New York's glamorous and gritty worlds: covering Fashion Week, writing about criminal courts and reporting on the city’s ever-changing neighborhoods, from immigrant sub-cultures to raucous night life.

Magazine students try every type of journalism – deadline-driven hard news stories, profiles, in-depth features, personal essays, opinion articles and reader-service pieces. The magazine program has incorporated photography, videography and social media as part of the required reporting courses.

NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute has partnered with New York magazine to publish the on-line site, Bedford + Bowery, covering our East Village neighborhood as well as Brooklyn. Magazine students are encouraged to take a class devoted solely to reporting, blogging, taking photos and making videos for this exciting new site. Please take a look: at bedfordandbowery.com.

Manhattan is the magazine capital of the country, and that brings obvious benefits to NYU graduate students that are difficult to replicate anywhere else. Our career development staff helps match students with top-notch editorial internships. Writers and editors from publications such as The New York Times, New York magazine, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Vogue and Vanity Fair are often guest lecturers.


Our professors work closely with students to improve and polish their work, and many articles originally written as class assignments have been published. In recent years, NYU students – while studying in the magazine program – have published stories in the on-line or print editions of The New York Times, The New Yorker, New York magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, The New Republic, Runner’s World, Elle, Wired, ESPN Magazine, Marie-Claire, Outside, The Village Voice, The New York Observer, Salon, Time Out New York, the Los Angeles Review of Books, the Huffington Post, Field & Stream, Newsday and the New York Daily News.


NYU magazine graduate students have landed full-time jobs in recent years at: GQ, Entertainment Weekly, Salon, New York magazine, The L Magazine, Vanity Fair, Bloomberg News, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Details, Women’s Wear Daily, ESPN Magazine, Forbes, Institutional Investor, Time Out New York, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Fashionista, The Atlantic Monthly, Men’s Health, Oprah, The New York Observer, Talking Points Memo, Mashable, Ad Age, The Huffington Post, Yahoo News, The Village Voice, Deadspin, Law 360, Fox News, MTV News and School Library Journal.

No one can predict the shape of journalism in 20 years, but important journalistic qualities will endure. The magazine program remains passionately committed to teaching our students to become creative, quirky, informative and entertaining writers, and curious, thorough and insightful reporters, a combination of skills that will always be in demand.

Application Deadlines

Applications are due by January 4th for students seeking to enroll the following September. Late applications will be considered if space is available.

QUESTIONS? Please feel free to contact Meryl Gordon, the director of the magazine program, at meryl.gordon@nyu.edu.

Magazine Bylines


  • gordonSQ

    Meryl Gordon
    Meryl Gordon is the Director of Magazine Writing at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. She writes for Vanity Fair, the New York Times Book Review and Town & Country.

  • brookekroeger220x220

    Brooke Kroeger
    Brooke Kroeger directs Global and Joint Program Studies and is the faculty liaison for Bedford + Bowery, the collaborative community news and culture site of NYU Journalism and New York Magazine. She was department chair from 2005-2011 and the Arthur L.

  • boynton2SQ

    Robert S. Boynton
    Robert S. Boynton is the director of NYU's Literary Reportage concentration. He was graduated with honors in philosophy and religion from Haverford College, and received an MA in political science from Yale University.

  • TC sq crop

    Ted Conover
    Ted Conover is the author of five books, most recently The Routes of Man, about roads, and Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing, an account of his ten months spent working as a corrections officer at New York's Sing Sing Prison.

  • SetSize220220 sukehtuSQ2

    Suketu Mehta
    Suketu Mehta is a journalist and fiction writer. His nonfiction book "Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found" won the Kiriyama Prize and the Hutch Crossword Award, and was a finalist for the 2005 Pulitzer Prize, the Lettre Ulysses Prize, the...

  • 369d678

    Rob Brunner
    Rob Brunner was an editor and writer at Entertainment Weekly and EW.com for 16 years, most recently as Editor-at-Large. He has served as EW’s music editor, lead book critic and TV- and movie-review-section editor, and he was the launch editor of EW.com’s Music Mix blog.

  • AlexisWebResSQ

    Alexis Gelber
    Alexis Gelber is an award-winning editor and journalist with experience in digital and print media. A longtime top editor at Newsweek, and founding Books Editor of The Daily Beast, Gelber has been an Adjunct Professor at the Arthur L.

  • giles220x220

    Jeff Giles
    Jeff Giles is the Deputy Managing Editor of Entertainment Weekly, where he oversees movies and books coverage. Prior to EW, he spent more than a decade as an arts writer and editor at Newsweek, where he profiled Kate Winslet, Julia...

  • faculty devin gordon

    Devin Gordon
    Devin Gordon joined GQ in May of 2010. He covers entertainment, sports and politics for the magazine and edits several of its featured correspondents as well as its monthly pop-culture section, The Punch List.

  • marino220x220

    Nick Marino
    Nick Marino co-edits the front of book for GQ. He previously ran front-of-book sections for Men's Health and Paste, and has written for Entertainment Weekly, Outside, The Boston Globe, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

  • photo caroline miller

    Caroline Miller
    Caroline Miller is a veteran magazine, newspaper and web editor. She was editor-in-chief of New York magazine, Seventeen and Lears, was cofounder and editor-in-chief of Newser.com, and is now editorial director of childmind.org.

  • normanSQ

    Michael Norman
    Michael Norman, is the co-author of TEARS IN THE DARKNESS: The Story of the Bataan Death March and Its Aftermath (2009), a work of narrative non-fiction that was on the New York Times bestseller list for eight weeks and was...

  • 220220 mquiglySQ

    Mary W. Quigley
    Mary W. Quigley is a journalist who writes about millennials as well as women and work issues. She writes two blogs, AARP’s Parenting 2.0 and www.mothering21.com, both which tackle parenting emerging adults and beyond.

  • david samuelsSQ

    David Samuels
    David Samuels, contributing editor at Harper's Magazine and regular contributor to The New Yorker, was named one of 50 "Writers to Watch" by Editor and Publisher in 2000 and named one of the "Top 10 feature writers 35 and under...

  • soloman220x220

    Michael Solomon
    Michael Solomon is the editor of ForbesLife. Previously, he was executive editor at Byliner, the features director of The Daily Beast, and the editor-in-chief of Premiere magazine.