General Undergraduate Multimedia Equipment Guide

Note: students enrolled in Journalistic Inquiry: Multimedia JOUR-UA should consult the Journalistic Inquiry: Multimedia JOUR-UA 102 Equipment Guide.

Students enrolled in the journalism department’s undergraduate multimedia courses will need to obtain specific kinds of audio-visual equipment, be it DSLR or video cameras, microphones, or lights.

Depending on the class, most of the equipment you will need can be borrowed from the journalism department, but you will need proof of insurance. There may also be a few other items you will need to purchase on your own.

While your instructor will provide you with detailed information about what equipment you will need and how to get it, we encourage you to review this guide so that you are familiar with the costs associated with borrowing equipment from the journalism department.

Borrowing Equipment

Before you can borrow equipment, you must purchase equipment insurance and set up an account with the department. Details on how to do this are below, but if you need additional guidance, James Berry, the department’s Media Services Technician, can help you. You can visit him at the equipment room counter on the 7th floor..

Purchasing Insurance

The journalism department’s equipment is expensive, which is why students must purchase insurance before borrowing it so that they are covered in the event the equipment is damaged, lost, or stolen.

You can purchase College Student Insurance for a full calendar year, which has the advantage of not only covering the gear you check out from the equipment room, but also your personal items like laptops, cell phones, etc. The insurance plan costs $155 for the year and has a $500 deductible.

Setting up an Account

In addition to purchasing insurance, you will need to create an account with the department. You can do this by visiting the 7th-floor equipment room counter. A few tips:

  • We encourage you to open your account at least a day before you need to check out your equipment to expedite things when you actually go to check out your equipment.
  • Be sure to bring a valid NYU student ID with you.
  • If you’ve already purchased equipment insurance, you should bring proof of that (i.e. your insurance policy number) when you go to set up your account.

Questions? Concerns?

Contact Adrian Mihai, the department’s Broadcast Operations Manager, at

Undergraduate Multimedia Courses

Core Courses

  • Multimedia JOUR-UA 102
  • The Beat JOUR-UA 201 (Broadcast sections)
  • Advanced Reporting JOUR-UA 301 (Broadcast sections)
  • Honors Advanced Reporting JOUR-UA 351 (Broadcast sections)


  • Methods and Practice: Audio Storytelling JOUR-UA 202
  • Methods and Practice: Opinion and Advocacy Video JOUR-UA 203
  • Methods and Practice: Photojournalism JOUR-UA 203
  • Production and Publication: TV Newscast JOUR-UA 302