Internships & Jobs

Reporting the Nation/NY is focused on the skills students need to get jobs. Students get internships and work in a variety of mediums. Over 90% of our students find jobs, many before they graduate. It is rare for a student not to be offered multiple internships. Students can take up to three internships, but are required to take at least one.

Here are a few of RTN/RNY alumni

Justin Hicks

Justin Hicks, 2019

Internship: Dow Jones
Job: Reporter, WVPE Indiana Public Radio

Claire Tighe

Claire Tighe, 2019

Internship: Pineapple Street Media
Job: Associate Producer, Audio, NBC News

Brandon Gomez

Brandon Gomez, 2018

Internship: CNBC
Job: Associate Producer, CNBC

Reuben Jones

Reuben Jones, 2015

Internship: NY1
Job: Weekend anchor WREX-TV, Rockford

Breana Jones

Breana Jones, 2013

Internship: Fox News
Job: Senior Product Manager, Vice Media

Chris Palmer

Chris Palmer, 2012

Internship: NY Times
Job: Reporter, Philadelphia Inquirer

Eric Zerkel

Eric Zerkel, 2012

Internship: NY Daily News
Job: Managing Editor, The Weather Channel

Kwanwoo Jun

Kwanwoo Jun, 2011

Internship: Dow Jones
Job: Reporter, Wall Street Journal

Chelsia Marcius

Chelsia Marcius, 2011

Internship: New York Times
Job Reporter: NY Daily News

Amanda Plasencia

Amanda Plasencia, 2011

Internship: NY1 Noticias/NBC 4 and CBS
Job: Reporter for News 6, South Florida

Amanda Van Allen

Amanda Van Allen, 2010

Internship: BET, ABC News
Job: Emmy Award winning reporter, ABC- News 5 Cleveland

Elizabeth Wagner

Elizabeth Wagner, 2010

Internship: CNN
Job: Investigative producer, NBC Bay Area