Reporting the Nation and New York

A multifaceted journalistic approach to a multifaceted country.

Reporting New York: In Multimedia teaches reporters how to adapt themselves to the story, not the other way around. Students learn to combine and, at times, rebel against traditional media while innovating new ways to tell stories in an exciting new age of journalism.


The only thing that can hold you back is you.

We work in all mediums and learn everything from stand ups, to traditional TV and print journalism, photography, audio slideshows, audio, social media, data viz, innovative content management systems. We are always looking forward, yet we respect the past.


And we travel.

New York City and the Nation is our lab. Your work will appear in our award winning publication Pavement Pieces. You will graduate with a web portfolio filled with diverse stories in all mediums and a great launch into your career.


Latest News

March 6th, 2015

Reporting the Nation 2016 Alumni Megan Jamerson wins the Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Award Region 1 for "Drones in New York City."

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Our Work

Read these links to see some of the exciting work students have done as we report on cities and communities all over the country.

The Forgotten Navajo

The Border Project

Rebuilding Detroit

Nationwide Election Coverage

Southern Stories: Today's Alabama

Boston Marathon


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Our trip to the Arizona/Mexico border


Our trip to Alabama


Byline - Recent Publications

Vice Escaping Into Prison: The Battle Over Immigrant Mothers and Children Detained by the US March 05, 2015 Meredith Hoffman
RTN 2012
Al Jazeera Crime logs show NYC schools mishandle sexual assault complaints February 04, 2015 Rajeev Dhir
Reporting the Nation/NY 2015
City Limits Concern Over ACS Shutdown of Oversight Panel January 22, 2015 Leticia Miranda
Reporting the Nation/NY 2015
Capital New York Database provides snapshot of pharma payments to city doctors January 09, 2015 Nidhi Prakash
Reporting the Nation/NY 2015
NBC New York I-Team: Getting Sicker on Purpose to Qualify for HIV Housing December 02, 2014 Talia Avakian
Al Jazeera Till death do us part: The forgotten US victims of forced marriage January 21, 2014 Sarah Fournier
RTN 2013
The New York Times Queens Industrial Site to Be Considered for Superfund Status October 30, 2013 Edna Ishayik
Reporting the Nation 2013
Grantland If You Build a Stoop, They Will Come: Wisconsin's Stoopball League of America July 23, 2013 Louie Lazar
RNY 2012
The New York Times At 97, the Oldest Living Brooklyn Dodger Reflects April 03, 2013 Louie Lazar
RNY 2012
Pavement Pieces Transition leads to Joy March 11, 2013 Sarah Fournier
RTN 2013
The New York Times In Queens Mexican Communities, Mourning a Voice Gone Silent December 11, 2012 Daniella Silva
The New York Times For a Homeless Child, a Long Ride to 4th Grade November 14, 2011 Emily Canal
Nation 2012
National Geographic Nigeria’s Solar Projects Yield Both Failure and Success November 02, 2011 Bola Omisore
Nation 2012
New York Daily News Housing project residents reveal horror stories in East Village May 23, 2011 NY-Nation 2011
Pavement Pieces Transgender rights still uncertain after DADT repeal March 25, 2011 Meredith Bennett-Smith
Tablet Lost in Goa April 28, 2010 Matthew Schwartzfeld
New York/Portfolio Alumnus