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BEGINNING IN APRIL 2018 on Channel 25

Airs on Fridays, April 6 – May 18, at 11:30 pm

News & Documentary at NYU Journalism brings you seven young filmmakers from around the world with fresh looks at our city and our world. Directing, shooting and editing as a one-person crew, these emerging filmmakers immersed themselves with their subjects to bring you stories of pain and resilience from unexpected places. Series Four features stories from drag queens in NYC to Tibetan students in Shanghai. Meet families coping with death and disabilities to families seeking to escape racial prejudice in United States by moving to Africa.

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Inside Lens 2018 - One Way HomeApril 6, 2018

One Way Home

Qingzi Fan

Tibetan children, Tashi and YuJu are chosen to study at an elite boarding school for Tibetan students in Mainland China. But their “first class” education comes with a price measured in loss of identity, language and culture.

Inside Lens 2018 - Our Brother Jordan

April 13, 2018

Our Brother Jordan

Kaitlin Sprague

Through the lens of a brother’s suicide and the familial fallout that ensues, Sprague documents her family’s struggles to heal and then combat the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Inside Lens 2018 - @Beautiful Mountains

April 20, 2018

@Beautiful Mountains

Teng Chen

A 26-year-old man returns to his picturesque Meishan village in Fujian, China, hoping to become a millionaire by providing online shopping to the villagers. He needs the money to buy a house in the city as a marriage gift, but he faces challenges because only 2500 people remain there, mostly seniors and children.

Inside Lens 2018 - Introducing Dusty Ray Bottoms

April 27, 2018

Introducing Dusty Ray Bottoms

Mercedes Barba

A New York City drag queen moves from his religious family home in Kentucky to New York City in search of himself and his “tribe.”

Inside Lens 2018 - Sheperd’s Field

May 4, 2018

Sheperd’s Field

Qiuxuan Lu

Americans Tim and Pam Baker, founded the orphanage Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village in China. The youngest children are likely to be adopted, but many kids face aging out as teens because of Chinese laws making it illegal to adopt them after 14.

Inside Lens 2018 - A Place for UsMay 11, 2018

A Place for Us

Kimberly Jones

In fear of police brutality and the racism plaguing America, an African-American family considers moving to Africa to find a safe place to raise their 10-year-old son.

Inside Lens 2018 - Slow AngelsMay 18, 2018

Slow Angels

Ying Lu

In China, you have to be able to walk to attend school. This is a problem for many families with disabled children. Slow Angels profiles three families with children with cerebral palsy as they set off on separate paths with similar goals to overcome this segregation by their society.

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