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Like all good journalism, the work of our students, faculty, and alumni speaks for itself. Check out an array of recent published stories below.

Science News
Epidemics have happened before and they’ll happen again. What will we remember?
Aimee Cunningham
SHERP 2004
The New Republic
Red America’s Compassion Fatigue: A Report From Mobile, Alabama
Marion Renault
SHERP 2019
Scientific American
Immigrants in U.S. Detention Exposed to Hazardous Disinfectants Every Day
Matthew Phelan
SHERP 2018
The New York Times
Komodo Dragons Are Now Endangered and ‘Moving Toward Extinction’
Marion Renault
SHERP 2019
MIT Technology Review
How Ida dodged NYC’s flood defenses
Casey Crownhart
SHERP 2021
Environment 360
How Adding Rock Dust to Soil Can Help Get Carbon into the Ground
Susan Cosier
SHERP 2006
The Electricity Is Melting: As glaciers see diminishing returns, is hydropower worth it?
Abe Musselman
SHERP 2021
Spectrum News
Protein atlas doubles number of known interactions in mice
Niko McCarty
SHERP 2021
Inside Science
Why Cosmic Radiation Could Foil Plans for Farming on Mars
Karen Kwon
SHERP 2021
The New Yorker
Pumpers, Dumpers, and Shills: The Skycoin Saga
Morgen Peck
SHERP 2007
In Muslim Countries, a Push for Donor Breast Milk
Sandy Ong
SHERP, 2016
Emperor Penguins Proposed for Listing Under Endangered Species Act
Joanna Thompson
SHERP 2021
Scientific American
New DNA Blood Test Could Pinpoint Cancer’s Source in the Body
Anna Goshua
SHERP 2021
Inside Climate News
US Energy Transition Presents Organized Labor With New Opportunities, But Also Some Old Challenges
Delger Erdenesanaa
SHERP 2021
National Geographic
White-Nose Syndrome has Devastated Bats—But Some are Developing Immunity
Lauren Leffer
SHERP 2021
New York Magazine
No, You Can’t Recycle a Bowling Ball (But People Sure Keep Trying)
Eleanor Cummins
Adjunct Faculty | SHERP 2017
The Atlantic
On Top of Everything Else, the Pandemic Messed With Our Morals
Jonathan Moens
SHERP 2020
How bankruptcy lets oil and gas companies evade cleanup rules
Naveena Sadasivam
SHERP 2013
Popular Science
City Gardens Are Abuzz With Imperiled Native Bees
Lauren Leffer
SHERP 2021
Modern Farmer
A New Route to Hardier Rice: Tweak its Microbiome
Casey Crownhart
SHERP 2021
Environment 360
In Colombia, Indigenous Lands Are Ground Zero for a Wind Energy Boom
Maria Paula Rubiano
SHERP 2020
The Washington Post
How eDNA is revolutionizing the tracking of elusive species. It may soon be used to fight wildlife trafficking.
Rene Ebersole
Adjunct Faculty
A Man in Italy Got COVID-19. Then His Cancer Went Into Remission.
Anna Goshua
SHERP 2021
The New York Times
Could the Pandemic Prompt an ‘Epidemic of Loss’ of Women in the Sciences?
Apoorva Mandavilli
SHERP 1999