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Our highly accomplished graduates constitute a who’s who of science journalism around the world. As a result, SHERP students benefit from an extensive, tight-knit network in seeking advice, internships and jobs.

Our mentorship program pairs students with a graduate of their choosing starting in the second semester, but that’s only one of many such opportunities that arise during the 16-month SHERP sequence. Through in-class interactions, internships, speaker events and field trips, SHERP students make dozens of helpful contacts in science journalism by the time they graduate,

Our alums stay connected to SHERP and to each other through the SHERP Alumni Facebook group, where they discuss job opportunities, events and other news; if you’re a graduate of SHERP or a current student, you can join. There’s also a private weekly newsletter, the SHERP Weekly Tip Sheet, that is chock-full of timely information about job openings, freelance opportunities, industry news, and other tips. Almost all of our alumni, students and faculty are on Twitter, too; you can follow them all with a single click!

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Our Alumni, Year by Year

This list includes the current professional position of every SHERP and SERP graduate all the way back to the first class in 1982. (We added the ‘H’ in 2004 to reflect the program’s longtime emphasis on health and medical journalism.) Some listings may be out of date; you can help by sending updates and corrections to

Browse by Year

SHERP 40 (2021-22)

Sherp 40 class photo

Lyric Aquino, reporting fellow, Grist; science and Indigenous affairs journalist.
Deborah Balthazar, reporting fellow, STAT News; science and medical journalist.
Delaney Dryfoos, staff writer, The Lens; science and environmental journalist.
Maiya Focht, reporting fellow, Insider; science and medical journalist.
Emily Harris, medical student, Harvard Medical School; medical journalist,
Kharishar Kahfi, deputy editor, The Jakarta Post; science and environmental journalist.
Daniel Leonard, assistant editor, Edutopia; science journalist.
Hannah Loss, production assistant, GBH Boston Public Radio; science journalist.
Tatum McConnell, environmental journalist.
Allison Parshall, Interim Advances Editor, Scientific American; science journalist.
Niranjana Rajalakshmi, science writer, University of Arizona; science journalist.

SHERP 39 (2020-21)

SHERP 39s Class Photo copy
Jackie Appel, associate news editor, Popular Mechanics.
Casey Crownhart, staff climate tech writer, MIT Technology Review; science and technology writer.
Delger Erdenesanaa, environmental reporting fellow, The New York Times; environmental writer.
Ethan Freedman, environmental writer and producer.
Anna Goshua, medical student, Stanford Medicine; medical journalist.
Youngah (Karen) Kwon, research and special projects editor, Science News; science writer.
Lauren Leffer, tech reporting fellow, Scientific American; science and environmental writer.
Niko McCarty, founder, Codon; data and science writer.
Abe Musselman, associate researcher, GBH; science and environmental writer.
Elana Spivack, staff science writer, Inverse; writer.
Joanna Thompson, science and environmental writer.
Huanjia Zhang, staff reporter, GenomeWeb; science writer.

SHERP 38 (2019-20)

SHERP 38 Alumni Group Photo
Anushree Dave, crypto reporter, MarketWatch; financial writer.
MK Manoylov,
staff writer, The Block.
Jonathan Moens, science writer.
Lili Pike,
environmental writer.
Rahul Rao, science writer.
María Paula Rubiano A., science and environmental writer.
Leto Sapunar, staff business and sustainability writer, Salt Lake Tribune.
Curtis Segarra, digital investigative data reporter, KRQE; science writer and producer.
Hannah Seo, science and podcast writer, poet.
Rebecca Sohn, science writer.
Corryn Wetzel, staff wildlife writer, New Scientist.
Taylor White, assistant audio producer, Washington Post; science writer.

SHERP 37 (2018-19)

SHERP 37 Alumni Group Photo
Marcus Banks, health writer.
Donavyn Coffey, science writer.
Dani Leviss, associate editor, SuperScience, science writer.
Dana Najjar, news automation engineer, Bloomberg; science and data journalist.
Polina Porotsky, analyst, Statum Funds.
Nina Pullano, associate editor, Courthouse News Service.
Passant Rabie, staff writer, Gizmodo; science writer.
Marion Renault, science writer.
Jessica Romeo
, associate editor, Scholastic ScienceWorld.
Tyler Santora
, heath and science editor, Fatherly; science writer.
Isobel Whitcomb
, science and environmental writer.

Visit their student profiles page to see how they described themselves in 2018.

SHERP 36 (2017-18)

SHERP 36 Alumni Group Photo

Brianna Abbott, staff science and health reporter, The Wall Street Journal.
Jessica Boddy, multimedia editor, Popular Science; science writer and editor.
Nell Durfee, communications specialist, New York City Emergency Management Department; science writer, producer and educator.
Lucy Hicks, staff reporter, Medscape; science and medical writer.
Lexi Krupp, staff reporter, Vermont Public Radio; science writer and producer.
Jillian Mock, associate editor, Cipher News; managing editor, Open Mind magazine; science writer.
Jen Monnier
, science and environmental writer.
Matthew Phelan
, senior science reporter, Daily Mail; science writer.
Emiliano Rodriguez Mega
, researcher-reporter, The New York Times; science writer (Mexico).
Chloe Williams, science and environmental writer (Canada).
Shoshana Wodinsky, science and technology writer.
Charlie Wood, staff physics reporter, Quanta; science writer.

Visit their student profiles page to see how they described themselves in 2017.

SHERP 35 (2016-17)

SHERP 35 Alumni Group Photo

Ellen Airhart, science writer and producer.
Eleanor Cummins, SHERP internship professor; science writer and producer.
Abigail Fagan, senior associate editor, Psychology Today; science writer.
Mark Kaufman, science editor, Mashable; science writer.
Ashley Lyles, medical writer.
Leslie Nemo, researcher, Knowable Magazine; science writer.
Dan Robitzski, staff writer/editor, The Scientist; science writer.
Marissa Shieh, software engineer, Scribd.
Harrison Tasoff, science writer, University of California, Santa Barbara; science writer.
Nicole Wetsman, deputy editor, Endpoints News; science and medical writer.
Cici Zhang, senior associate editor, Harvard Business Publishing; science writer (China).

Visit their student profiles page to see how they described themselves in 2016.

SHERP 34 (2015-16)

SHERP #34 Alumni Group Photograph

Meghan Bartels, staff news reporter, Scientific American; science writer.
Sara Chodosh, graphics editor, New York Times; science writer.
Jeanette Ferrara, product manager, Bustle Digital Group; freelance writer and author.
Peter Hess, science writer.
Kelsey Kennedy, multimedia science journalist.
Ellie Kincaid, editor, Retraction Watch; science and health writer.
Michael Koziol, associate editor, IEEE Spectrum.
Ryan Mandelbaum, senior technical writer, Qiskit; science writer.
Sandy Ong, science and health writer (Singapore).
Shira Polan, science writer, NYU Langone Health; science writer.
Dyani Sabin, science writer.
Knvul Sheikh, staff medical reporter, New York Times; health and science writer.
Greg Uyeno, science writer

Visit their student profiles page to see how they described themselves in 2015.

SHERP 33 (2014-15)

SHERP 33 Group Photo

Lydia Chain, podcast producer, Undark; science writer and producer.
Chelsey Coombs, social editor, Popular Science and Futurism; science writer and producer.
Katherine Foley, staff writer, Politico; science writer.
Jennifer Hackett, senior editor, MATH Magazine; science writer.
Shannon Hall, science writer.
Rebecca Harrington, executive editor, Insider; science writer.
JoAnna Klein, contributor, New York Times Science Desk; science writer.
Nicole Lou, staff writer, MedPage Today; science writer.
Hanneke Weitering, staff writer, Aviation International News; science writer.
Feini Yin, science writer, illustrator and animator.
Lauren Young, associate editor for health and medicine, Scientific American; technology and science writer.

Visit their student profiles page to see how they described themselves in 2014.

SHERP 32 (2013-14)

SHERP 32 Group Photo

Becca Cudmore, (in memoriam, 1992-2022). Some of Becca’s work may be read here.
Kathryn Free, science writer and producer.
Chelsea Harvey, staff writer, Climatewire; science and environmental writer.
Joshua Krisch, science writer, Rockefeller University; science writer.
Sarah Lewin Frasier , assistant news editor, Scientific American; science writer.
Jillian Rose Lim, science writer, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
Claire Maldarelli, senior science editor, Inverse; science writer and producer.
Elizabeth Newbern, administrative assistant, Central Arkansas Library System.
Hannah Newman, senior manager for health care program operations, Guild Education.
Amy Nordrum, executive editor of operations, MIT Technology Review; science writer.
Alex Ossola, staff audio reporter/producer, Wall Street Journal; science writer and producer.
Neel Patel, staff editor for science and health, New York Times Opinion; science writer.
Krystnell Storr, staff science and equity editor, NOVA; science writer.
Manasi Vaidya, senior reporter, BioPharm Insight; science writer.

Visit their student profiles page to see how they described themselves in 2013.

SHERP 31 (2012-13)

SHERP 31 Group Photo

Kate Baggaley, science and environmental writer.
Caitlin Davis, team lead, Commonwealth Financial Network.
Rachel Feltman, content strategist, science writer, author, podcaster and editor.
Joss Fong, senior editorial producer, Vox.
Ben Guarino, associate editor, Popular Science; science writer.
Andy Han, staff editor, GenomeWeb; producer and writer.
William Herkewitz, senior outreach and communications specialist, USAID; science writer (Rwanda).
Katie Hiler Feather, freelance audio producer.
Roni Jacobson, medical writer.
Sarah Jacoby, staff health reporter, The Today Show.
Alexa Kurzius Mathes, science editor, Newslea; science writer.
Lily Hay Newman, senior staff writer, Wired.
Arielle Duhaime-Ross, science journalist, artist, podcast and TV host.
Naveena Sadasivam, senior staff writer, Grist.
Nick Stockton, editor, The Batch; science writer.

Visit their student profiles page to see how they described themselves in 2012.

SHERP 30 (2011-12)

SHERP 30 Group Photo

Emma Bryce, science writer.
Jon Chang, program manager, ArborBridge.
Kathryn Doyle, segment producer, Good Talk with Anthony Jeselnik.
Laura Geggel, editor, LiveScience; science writer.
Justine Hausheer, science writer and editor, The Nature Conservancy; science and environmental writer (Australia).
Miriam Kramer, news editor, WPLN Nashville Public Radio.
Taylor Kubota, associate director for science communications, Stanford University.
Virat Markandeya, science writer (India).
Susan Matthews, executive editor, Slate.
Allison McCann, visual journalist, New York Times; science and technology journalist.
Benjamin Plackett, senior editor Nature Index; science journalist.
Kelly Slivka, writer.
Ashley Taylor, writer.
Kate Yandell, staff writer,; science writer.

Visit their student profiles page to see how they described themselves in 2011.

SHERP 29 (2010-11)

SHERP 29 Group Photo

Joseph Bennington-Castro, science writer.
Francie Diep, staff writer, Chronicle of Higher Education; science writer.
Stephanie Warren Drimmer, science writer and author.
Rose Eveleth, writer, podcaster, producer and designer.
Sarah Fecht, content manager, The Earth Institute at Columbia University; science writer.
Joanna Foster, environmental writer.
Mary Beth Griggs, science editor, MIT Technology Review.
Lena Groeger, graphics director, ProPublica; science writer and designer.
Madeleine Johnson, editor, GenomeWeb; science writer.
Ritchie King, senior data visualization engineer, Netflix; science writer and data journalist.
Douglas Main, senior writer/editor, National Geographic.
Rachel Nuwer, science writer and author.
Katie Palmer, health technology writer, STAT News; science writer.
Sabrina Richards, science writer, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.
Madhu (Venkataramanan) Murgia, artificial intelligence editor, The Financial Times (U.K.).
Amber Williams, senior staff editor, The New York Times.

Visit their student profiles page to see how they described themselves in 2010.

SHERP 28 (2009-10)

SHERP 28 Group Photo

Ariel Bleicher, senior communications specialist, University of California, San Francisco.
Michael Easter, visiting lecturer in journalism, University of Nevada-Las Vegas; author and health writer.
Emily Elert, staff writer/editor/director, MinuteEarth; science writer.
Zachary Gottlieb, technical lead manager, Asimov.
Mara Grunbaum, science writer, editor and author.
Ferris Jabr, contributing writer, New York Times Magazine; science writer.
Alyson Kenward, director of stewardship, University of Calgary (Canada).
Olivia Koski, co-founder and head of digital strategy, Guerilla Science; science writer and producer.
Alex Liu, founder and executive producer, Herra Productions.
Mike Orcutt, founding editor, The Glitch; technology editor and writer.
Katie Peek, data visualization creator, science editor and writer.
Genevra Pittman, assistant Perspective editor, New England Journal of Medicine.
Valerie Ross, director of content design, Slack.
Anna Rothschild, senior video producer, FiveThirtyEight.

Visit their student profiles page to see how they described themselves in 2009.

SHERP 27 (2008-09)

SHERP 27 Group Photo

Allison Bond Kotru, fellow in academic medicine and infectious disease, University of California San Francisco; medical writer.
Shelley DuBois, vice president for marketing, Pacify.
Crystal Gammon, director of communications, Arts & Sciences, Washington University in St. Louis.
Rob Goodier, managing editor, Engineering for Change; science and environmental writer, videographer and photographer.
Brett Israel, managing supervisor, FleishmanHilliard.
Fred Jølving, health and science journalist (Denmark).
Lindsey Konkel, science and environmental writer.
Dave Levitan, staff climate writer, Grid News; author, environmental and medical writer.
Erik Ortlip, science and technology writer.
Lynne Peeples, science, health and environmental writer.
Rachael Rettner, staff reporter,
Carina Storrs, science and health writer.

Visit their student profiles page to see how they described themselves in 2008.

SHERP 26 (2007-08)

SERP 26 Group Photo

Molly Ashford, staff editor, GenomeWeb; science writer, producer and illustrator.
Stuart Fox, senior content designer, ESI Design.
Andrew Grant, online editor, Physics Today.
Adam Hadhazy, senior editor, McGraw-Hill; science writer.
Karina Hamalainen, editorial director, Scholastic Math and Scholastic Art magazines.
Monica Heger, honors attorney, California Attorney General’s Office; science writer.
Christopher Intagliata, editor, National Public Radio’s All Things Considered.
Susannah F. Locke, Product Manager, McClatchey.
Natalie Peretsman Lucas, education management consultant.
Rachel Mahan, senior technical writer, Salesforce; design research consultant and editor.
Eric R. Olson, founder/producer, FlowSpark Media.
Greg Soltis, religion teacher, Holy Child School at Rosemont.
Victoria Stern, associate editor, Medscape; science writer.
Katherine Tweed, chief content strategist, Greentech Media.

Visit their student profiles page to see how they described themselves in 2007.

SHERP 25 (2006-07)

SERP 25 Group Photo

Andrea Anderson, contributing editor, GenomeWeb Daily News; science writer (Canada).
Lindsey Bewley McCann, digital managing editor, NYU Langone Health.
Emily Driscoll, science documentary director and producer.
Jeremy Hsu, staff technology reporter, New Scientist; science writer.
Jennifer Moser Jurling, content strategist,; writer and editor.
Meredith Knight, communications associate, Aptive Resources; science writer.
Ben Leach, senior public relations specialist for research, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
Rachele Cooper Lenehan, chief executive, Aptive Resources.
Morgen Peck, science writer.
Kristin Phillips, science writer, University of Texas at Austin Department of Geological Sciences.
Josh Romero, frontend engineer, Amazon; journalist and developer.
Peter Sergo, associate creative director, W20 Group.
Molly Webster, senior correspondent, Radiolab.
Erica Westly, science writer and author.

Visit their student profiles page to see how they described themselves in 2006.

SHERP 24 (2005-06)

SERP 24 Group Photo

Sabina Borza, medical writer editor and project manager.
Susan Cosier, science and environmental writer.
Ciara Curtin, contributing editor, GenomeWeb.
Kristina Fiore, director of enterprise and investigative reporting, MedPage Today; medical writer.
Bob Grant, editor-in-chief, The Scientist.
Andrew Klein, editor, MATH Magazine.
Julie Leibach, senior science writer, MDB Inc.
Melissa Mahony, senior editor, Natural Resources Defense Council.
Karen Schrock, contributing editor, Scientific American Mind; science writer and editor.
Alison Snyder, managing editor, Axios.
Andrea Thompson, associate editor for sustainability, Scientific American.
Melinda Wenner Moyer, science writer.
Edyta Zielinska, science writer, Thomas Jefferson University.

Visit their student profiles page to see how they described themselves in 2005.

SHERP 23 (2004-05)

SERP 23 Group Photo

Lauren Aaronson, museum exhibit designer, Liberty Science Center.
Corey Binns, science writer.
Michelle Bryner, lead engineer, American Institute of Chemical Engineers.
Bjorn Carey, senior director of digital strategy, Stanford University.
Cody Crane, contributing writer, Science World; science writer.
Cecilia Marie Dobbs, social worker (U.K.).
Leilani Gallardo, regional communications coordinator, Coral Triangle Center (Bali).
Sara Goudarzi, writer; contributing editor, Science World.
Rebecca (Becky) Kessler, senior staff editor, Mongabay; science writer.
Maria Kolesnikova, staff reporter, Bloomberg News (U.K.).
Abby Leonard, producer and writer.
Brandon Miller, freelance web developer.
Todd Neale, senior medical editor/associate news editor,
Finale Patel, program manager, Momentum Design Lab.
Jessica Steyers, psychotherapist.
Ker Hueng Than, director of science communications, Stanford University.
Sarah Todd Thomas, director of marketing and communications, EG Solutions.

SHERP 22 (2003-04)

SERP 22 Group Photo

Querida Anderson Spencer, managing editor, Fierce Pharma.
Caitlin Cox, manager of academic content, Cardiovascular Research Foundation; news editor,
Aimee Cunningham, staff biomedical writer, Science News.
Jessica Ebert
, quality control editor,Research Square.
Emily Hager
, producer and writer.
Shan Li
, communication specialist, Jenel Management.
Laura Mahachek.
Donald Monroe
, science and technology writer.
Michael Mooney
, assistant professor of medical informatics, Oregon Health and Science University.
Olga Norstrom
, social media analyst, Marketeching Solutions; freelance writer.
Prachi Patel
, technology writer, editor and radio reporter.
Michael Schirber
, science writer.
Meghan Smith
, supervising producer, Bravo TV.

SERP 21 (2002-03)

SERP 21 Group Photo

Raena Blumenthal, program manager, Colorado Brownfields Foundation.
Jeanna Bryner, managing editor, Scientific American.
Lindsay Carswell, owner and manager, World Sailing Adventures.
Joan Malespina, writer.
Britt Norlander van der Woude, writer and editor (Belgium).
Stephanie Riesenman Zelazny, writer.
Deidra Robinson.
Namrita Talwar, associate information officer, United Nations.
Sarah Zielinski, managing editor, Science News for Students; blogger, Science News; freelance science writer and editor.

SHERP 20 (2001-02)

SERP 20 Group Photo

Alexi Baker, collections manager of historical scientific instruments, Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History.
Vivienne Caballero, environmental policy advisor. Yulima Foundation.
Kuan-Yi Chen.
Annachiara Danieli, staff writer, Il Nuovo Friuli (Italy).
Graciela Flores, founder, Kids Talk Science.
Dana Frisch, physician and medical writer.
Diana Jong, staff attorney, U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit.
Kristen Kresge Abboud, managing editor, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative Report.
Jesse Logan, regulatory affairs coordinator, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.
Tariq Malik, editor-in-chief,
Gregory Mone, novelist and science writer.
Atsushi Tomita, doctoral student in human geography and research assistant, CUNY.
Amanda Urban, nurse practitioner, Leidos Biomedical Research.
Clementine Wallace (in memoriam, 1975-2016)

SERP 19 (2000-01)

SERP 19 Group Photo

Julia Karow, managing editor, GenomeWeb.
Sara Kuzmarov, associate producer, 60 Minutes.
Diane Lanigan, chief executive officer, uControlHealth.
Aude Lecrubier, journalist, Medscape France.
Alison McCook, assistant opinion editor and editorial board member, Philadelphia Inquirer.
J.R. Minkel. (in memoriam, 1980-2011)
Heather Sparks, associate creative director for copy, TCS Consulting.
Kirsten Weir, science writer.

SERP 18 (1999-2000)

SERP 18 Group Photo

Christen Brownlee, freelance science writer.
Whitney Clavin, science writer, NASA-Spitzer Science Center, Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
Meredith Fisher, executive producer, Left/Right Television.
Laurie Ann Goldman, science writer, author and artist.
Patricia Hemminger, science and environmental writer.
Agnes Kolor, writer.
Diane Martindale.
Suzanne Mengel.
Keely Savoie, media relations specialist, Mount Holyoke College; science and medical writer.
Trevor Thieme, senior fitness and nutrition content manager, Beachbody; science writer.

SERP 17 (1998-99)

SERP 17 Group Photo

Holger Breithaupt, senior editor for science and society, EMBO Reports, (Germany).
Tom Clarke, science and technology editor, Sky News (U.K.).
Lisa Drayer, nutritional counselor; health reporter; columnist, Women’s Health.
Rene Ebersole, science and environmental writer.
Amy Erickson, communications program manager, American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.
Martha Jordan Heil, science communicator, Maryland NanoCenter.
Tien-Shun Lee, founder, Earth to City, Ecuador.
Apoorva Mandavilli, staff science and global health writer, The New York Times; science writer.
Marci Mikesell, senior medical writer, Peleton Advantage.
Reetpaul Rana (in memoriam, 1973-2008)
Jenette Restivo, director of media and communications, Primary Care Progress.
Nada Mangialetti Rose, clinical psychologist; science and health writer.
Joanna Rudnick, documentary filmmaker; development director, Kartemquin Films.
Hope Vanderberg, freelance editor,

SERP 16 (1997-98)

SERP 16 Group Photo

Michael Albano, producer.
Sophia Cariati, writer.
Yu-tzu Chiu, Taipei correspondent, Bloomberg-BNA and Deutsche Presse-Agentur (Taiwan).
Karina Chobanyan, line producer, CNN Headline News.
Chad Cohen, producer, National Geographic Television.
Andy Gannon, scientific director, Cirrus Communications.
Sharon Guynup, science and environmental writer and photographer.
Cat Lazaroff, associate director, Resource Media.
David S. Levin, copy editor/writer, New York Life Insurance Co.
Samuel Moore, senior editor, IEEE Spectrum.
Christopher Morrison, medical writer.
Ann Quigley, writer.
Bijal Trivedi, senior science editor, National Geographic; science writer, author and editor.

SERP 15 (1996-97)

SERP 15 Group Photo

Charles Bergquist, producer/director, Science Friday.
Christopher Dickey, Director of Global and Environmental Public Health, NYU.
Odette Frey, health journalist and host of Pulse, Swiss Radio and Television (Switzerland).
Unmesh Kher, science writer, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research.
Carol Kopf, health writer.
Ken Macdonald, writer.
Kathleen (Kat) McGowan, special projects editor, Discover; editor and writer.
Kathleen O’Reilly, writer.
Barry Seidman, science writer.
Debra Summers Goldstein, medical writer.

SERP 14 (1995-96)

SERP 14 Group Photo

Barbara Bischof, program manager, National Oceanographic Partnership Program; ocean researcher and photographer.
Geri Clark, medical writer and children’s book author.
Erica Garcia Rualo, content strategist, Logical Design Solutions.
Alison Ginsberg Shefter.
Cheryl Harris, analyst, Government Accountability Office.
Annette Heist, freelance writer and radio producer.
Lucia Huelamo, Marisol Ares, Spain.
Mary Sidney Kelly-Harbert, investigator, Southern Center for Human Rights.
Peter Modica, senior v.p. and director of U.S. healthcare editorial services, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide.
Gretel Schueller, senior health editor, U.S. News & World Report.
Gunjan Sinha, science writer (Germany).
Dan Vergano, science writer, Buzzfeed News.
Suzanne Zolfo, director of philanthropy, Placer County, Sutter Health.

SERP 13 (1994-95)

SERP 13 Group Photo

Esther Buterman, director of communications, Ramaz School.
Brenda Goodman Craig, staff writer, CNN Health.
Chaz Godwin, national account manager, healthcare group, Multivu.
Troy Goodman, operations specialist, BBVA compass.
Kal Szigeti, documentation manager, FIS.
Alison Levine, director, planned gifts, Earthjustice.
Yaelle Meyer.
Cynthia Pereira Szigeti, managing editor, Syneos Health.
Steven Vames, director of corporate communications, Davidson Kempner Capital Management.
Karin Vergoth, science writer, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, University of Colorado Boulder.
Bob Wallace, retired master teacher of science, general studies program, New York University.
William Winkler, Car Stereo Review.

SERP 12 (1993-94)

SERP 12 Group Photo

Estee Lee Dardik-Lichter, science writer and author.
Gloribel Esquilin Delgado, writer, screenwriter, artist.
Karen de Seve, science writer and exhibition developer.
Peter Doskoch, senior editor, Guttmacher Institute.
Daniel Drollette Jr., deputy editor, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists; science writer.
Peter R. Fairley, energy, environment and technology writer (Canada).
Thomas Ferraro, news editor, Al Jazeera America.
Pam Frost Gorder, science writer.
Julia Ferraro Kozakova, Division of English, Bergen Community College.
Hui-Chen Lin, science writer (Taiwan).
Antonio Regalado, science writer, business editor, Technology Review.
Jacqueline Stanfill Olsen, communications director, Tetra Tech.
William Wills, science writer.

SERP 11 (1992-93)

SERP 11 Group Photo

Damaris Christensen, post-graduate fellow, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; health writer.
Kristin Choo, science writer.
Josie Glausiusz-Kluger, science author, writer and editor (Israel).
Yvonne Miller Halee, producer, CBS News.
John Kincaid, director of scientific communications, Alexion Pharmaceuticals.
Theres Luthi, science editor, NZZ am Sonntag (Switzerland).
Judy (Pantel) Silverman, science producer, NBC News.
Peter Svensson, owner, Baltic Spot, Sweden.
Theresa Tamkins, health editor, Buzzfeed News.

SERP 10 (1991-92)

SERP 10 Group Photo

Grace Begany, associate professor of business and information technology, State University of New York at Cobleskill.
Seán Duke, science writer (Ireland).
Sunja (Sunny) Edmunds, internet strategy consultant.
Nancy Finton, editorial manager, Sesame Workshop; educational consultant.
Jason Kahn (in memoriam, 1969-2014)
Beth Ann Meehan, mortgage officer, Cape Cod 5.
Noriko Takezaki, director of Japan operations, Basis Technology (Japan).

SERP 9 (1990-91)

SERP 9 Group Photo

Elizabeth Azar, science writer and editor.
Laura Carter, managing editor, NIH Catalyst.
David Davis, project manager, HDR Inc.
Donald B. Marti Jr., backend lead,
Jane Newman, senior content strategist, U.S. Office of Personnel Management.
Robert Service, northwest correspondent, Science.
Ben Stein, managing editor, National Institute of Standards and Technology.
Melissa Stewart, children’s book author.
Chana Freiman Stiefel, director of public relations, Ma’ayanot School; children’s book author and writer.
Fleur Templeton, senior communications advisor, Otago University; writer (New Zealand).
Kathryn “Kitt” Richards, physician assistant and medical-legal case review consultant.
Nira Worcman, corporate communications, Brazil.

SERP 8 (1989-90)

SERP 8 Group Photo

Debra Brinson, senior technical writer, Thermo Fisher Scientific.
Kristine Caggiano Garland, public affairs officer, Navy Office of Community Outreach.
Vernon Church, vice president of operations, TMP Worldwide.
Regina Fitzsimmons, science writer.
Elisabeth Kirschner, writer,
Guillermo Metz, green building and renewable energy coordinator, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County.
Mary Raffalli, producer, Sunday Morning, CBS News.
Kathy Svitil, co-director of news and lead science writer, California Institute of Technology.
Andrea Lynne Taylor, supervisory psychologist, St. Louis VA Medical Center.
Bruno Tedeschi, founder, Shadrach Stephens Communications.
Laura Worsham, in memoriam (1954-2019).

SERP 7 (1988-89)

SERP 7 Group Photo

Ted Allen, cookbook author and television host.
Meg Campbell, marketing and communications consultant.
Maria T. Crocitto, CEO, Advantage Communications.
David Fishman, senior advisor, media, OpenGate Capital.
Rosie Zaloum Foster, medical writer and editor, Foster Medical Editorial.
Elizabeth (Betsy) Hanson, science and medical writer.
Anita Jacobo, executive sales specialist, UCB Pharmaceuticals.
Gary Klinger, professor and chair of Allied Health Sciences, Nassau Community College.
Karen (Kay) Locitzer Harel, science writer and author.
Michele Opanowicz-Brady, service director, Information Builders.
David Siegel, science writer.
Stefanie Silverman, copy editor/proofreader, LightStream; artist.
Karen McNulty Walsh, principal media and communications specialist, Brookhaven National Laboratory.

SERP 6 (1987-88)

SERP 6 Group Photo

Jeffrey Brune, director, Campbell Creek Science Center.
Catherine Dold, health and science writer.
Nina Flanagan, medical writer.
Timothy Folger, science writer; contributing editor, Discover; series editor, “Best American Science and Nature Writing.”
Elizabeth (Beth) Hanson, science writer.
Hildy Rubin, documentary writer and producer.
Brianna Politzer Blacet, health and medical writer; innovation storyteller, VMware.
Jane Treuhold, attorney.
Marisa Venegas, television producer.
Luba Vikhanski, science writer, Weizmann Institute of Science; science writer and author (Israel).

SERP 5 (1986-87)

SERP 5 Group Photo

Sarah Tilyou Albaneze, managing editor, McMahon Publishing Group.
Jani D. Bergan, senior editorial specialist, W2O Group.
Kellyn Betts, management analyst, National Cancer Institute.
John Carpi, president, Strategic Medical Initiatives.
Christian Coles, assistant professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
Doris Day, dermatologist and author; clinical assistant professor, NYU Langone Medical Center.
Richard Lewit, owner and winemaker, Alison Wines & Vineyards.
Zheng Zheng Li.
Eileen A. McCaffrey, medical writer and editor.
Damian McNamara, multimedia medical reporter.
Lori Oliwenstein, co-director of news and senior science writer, California Institute of Technology.
Diana R. Romero, associate professor, CUNY School of Public Health and Health Policy.
Robin Trohn Sussingham, independent radio producer.

SERP 4 (1985-86)

SERP 4 Group Photo

Robert Anderson, contributing editor, Natural History.
Shira Birnbaum, science writer, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
Sheryl Burpee Dluginski, fitness consultant.
Karen Fitzgerald, science writer.
Eva Lynne Greene, senior manager of publications, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.
Eric Justice, editorial director, BioScience Communications.
Sally Rose, retired editor, Provincetown Banner.
Meiyu Song Kaps, patent law clerk.
Lora A. Sporny, lecturer in nutrition and education, Columbia University Teachers College
Kathy Wollard, science writer and author.

SERP 3 (1984-85)

SERP 3 Group Photo

Maria Borelius, author, entrepreneur and consultant (U.K., Sweden).
James L. Eng, senior editor, NBC
Debra Glicksman, science editor, Prentice Hall.
Joyce Gramza, writer, producer and videographer.
James Killgore, writer, Scotland.
Michael Krapin, television and science writer.
Jay Letto, conference coordinator, Society of Environmental Journalists.
Kerry B. McCabe, registered nurse; medical writer.
Elizabeth Mechcatie, editor, Dermatology News, Frontline Medical Communications.
Brian Nadel, writer and editor.
Gregory Pope (in memoriam, 1960-1996).
Janet Weinrib, science writer.

SERP 2 (1983-84)

SERP 2 Group Photo

Shirley Cordes, science writer
Elizabeth Hartzell DeSimone, admissions associate, The Paideia School.
Naomi Freundlich, public health writer; editor,
Michael Friedmann, meteorologist and founder, WeatherTalk Productions.
Samuel Friedman, legislative analyst, New York State Department of Health.
Patrice Heinz Schelkun, artist/stained glass designer.
Karen Heller, broker associate, Houlihan Lawrence.
Marianne Hjertstrand, retired, former medical writer and corporate communications director.
Melissa Lee Kim, writer; director of communications, Maine Audubon.
Franca Lebow Rawitz, college admission consultant, Ready Set College.
Gerry Regan, partner, GAR Media; online media consultant.
Ruth Taswell, medical writer, Park Nicollet Health Services.
Laurel Van Leer, writer.
Patricia Wittig, science writer and editor.

SERP 1 (1982-83)

SERP 1 Group Photo

Rae Bretana, medical writer.
Carole Bullock, medical writer and editor; author.
Peter Geller, licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbologist.
Jeanne Herb, associate director for environmental analysis and communcation, Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, Rutgers University.
Kimberly Landes, legal nurse consultant.
Rita Lazzaroni, writer.
Sean Mulligan, web developer / technical writer, construction manager, StructureTone.
Leslie Wiman Rose, program administrator for business operations, West Point Association of Graduates.
Janet Schumacher, science writer
Dawn Stover, science writer.
Cheryl Platzman Weinstock, science writer and speaker.

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