Sabina Borza graduated from Clark University in Massachusetts with a B.A. in biology. While considering a Ph.D. in primatology, she studied primates in the forests of Nicaragua and South Caicos. After deciding not to devote her entire life only to monkey studies, she worked in a veterinary hospital for a year before joining SHERP.

Susan Cosier holds a B.A. in earth and environmental science from Wesleyan University in Connecticut. While in college, she did paleo- oceanographic research and studied other areas of the environmental field. After graduation she worked for the Federal Emergency Management Agency as an environmental specialist in Chicago. While there, she experienced how an informed public can enact change, which motivated her to come to SERP.

Ciara Curtin attended the University of California at Santa Barbara for an M.A. in cellular, molecular and developmental biology after receiving a B.S. in biology from Wake Forest University. While at UCSB, she spent six months working in a lab on a protein she couldn’t find while T.A.’ing. She came to SHERP to do science journalism so she can “teach … and not have to grade.”

Kristina Fiore holds a B.A. in journalism from The College of New Jersey. Most of her experience is in journalism, editing the college newspaper and freelancing for various papers. She was a research assistant to her geology professor for two years and decided to focus on science writing after reading Jon Franklin, John McPhee and others.

Bobby Grant is a “learning junkie.” Most recently, he has been teaching science at St. Louis University, where he enjoyed communicating scientific ideas to those who had no knowledge of them. He has an M.S. in marine biology from the University of Charleston and a B.S. in fish and wildlife biology from Montana State University.

Andrew Klein has been doing Alzheimer’s research through the Nathan Kline Institute, in the Center for Dementia Research at the Rockland Psychiatric Center. While a pre-med student at Cornell University, he concentrated, TA’ed and did research in psychology-based nutritional science. As shown by his academic record, he enjoys learning about a wide spectrum of sciences, one of his reasons for joining SHERP.

Julie Liebach received B.A.s in Biology and Spanish from Washington University in St. Louis. Post-graduation, she joined Americorps and worked as the Habitat for Humanity ReSale Center Coordinator in Gainesville, Fla., for a year, during which time she decided her background in science and affinity for writing might be useful skills to apply and hone at SHERP.

Melissa Mahony, originally from Washington Crossing, Penn., spent a year working for environmental policy lobbying groups in Washington, DC, after receiving a B.A. in English and environmental studies from Boston College. She has spent the last three years in philanthropy through the Weeden Foundation, raising awareness of logging problems in Chile and the Northwest U.S.

Karen Schrock is a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon. She has a B.S. in astronomy and a B.A. in music from University of Southern California, and did research in neuroscience at UCLA. She grew up in Green Bay, Wisc.

Alison Snyder received an M.S. in botany from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, after which she studied infectious diseases in labs in Colorado. Her B.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is in chemical engineering. While in New Zealand, she attended a debate on genetic engineering and was struck by how important science communication is in influencing public attitudes and scientific progress. A few years later, she was SHERP-bound.

Andrea Thompson will receive an M.S. in atmospheric chemistry in December 2005 and has a B.S. in earth and atmospheric science, both from Georgia Tech. She has had some experience in journalism, working for her college yearbook as copy editor, section editor and editor-in-chief, and as an intern at CNN’s science and technology department.

Melinda Wenner has a B.S. in molecular and cellular biology and a B.M. in music composition from the University of Michigan. She just moved back from England, where she worked for three years in sales and marketing at a biotechnology company. She enjoyed writing press releases as well as articles for the company’s magazine more than the business aspects of the job.

Edyta Zielinska has an M.A. is in immunology and microbiology and a B.A. in biology. She worked for the pharmaceutical company Wyeth in Rockland County, doing mainly clinical research, but felt the pace of research was too slow. She considered teaching, but didn’t want to work through someone else’s curriculum, so instead found SHERP.