Typical Course of Study and Requirements by GloJo Program

On the Journalism side of GloJo, the general requirement is five Journalism courses over three or four semesters. GloJo students take their required Writing, Research, and Reporting I and II together but choose their electives from the available offerings in a given term. (Across the bottom of the Institute home page under the heading Course Listings, you will find current and past course descriptions and syllabi, as offered semester by semester. The listing for the current semester also tells you when the class meets, in case you are planning a visit and would like to arrange to sit in on the class. To make an arrangement to visit a class, please contact

The sequence of courses and the time it takes to complete the degree vary with the number of credit hours -- from 40 to 46 -- each program requires.  That said, here is a sample timeline through GloJo with thesis and other helpful milestones in italics. All choices should be confirmed first with Profs. Kroeger and Bazzi to ensure degree progress and fulfillment.

Please note the final deadline for application submission with all requested documents is January 4th.

First Semester (Fall I)

Writing, Research and Reporting I

Two courses in the partner program

Formulation of master's project idea (and start scouting for your two thesis advisers; Winter break: continue research started during the fall to develop thesis idea; seek outside funding possibilities for summer travel.

Winter Break (Year One)

The week before classes resume is a mandatory all day every day multi-media training blitz with emphasis on video shooting and editing.


Second Semester (Spring I)

One or two Journalism department electives and one partner program elective; internship optional at this point. Consider Bedford + Bowery, our site with

Or, one or two Partner program electives and one Journalism elective.
Summer between the two years

Thesis reporting, usually abroad. French Studies students complete two courses in Paris.


Third Semester (Fall II)

Writing, Research and Reporting II  + one or two Journalism electives or partner program electives, depending on the partner program requirements; Internship optional unless required by program

Complete any remaining coursework in either program. Students in all programs except Latin American and Near Eastern Studies will usually have completed their coursework. Internships are common.

February - Present thesis outline to the group.

Compete thesis to fulfill graduation requirements with approvals needed by both departments.


Second Winter Break (II)

If more thesis reporting is needed, and it's financially possible, consider returning to the site or working remotely.


Fourth Semester (Spring II)

Near East, LatAm, and any who have slowed degree progress complete their coursework.

Present thesis outline to the GloJo group in the presence of outside evaluators.

Complete the thesis and graduate.



Requirements by Program