Speaker Series

New York is the capital of business journalism, so the BER program draws on the wealth of local talent to enhance the education of our students. We regularly bring in top editors and writers from business publications and television for informal lunches. We discuss job opportunities, specific stories, and issues involving coverage of business news. We exchange business cards and increase the network of blue chip journalists who know our students and our program. The following editors and writers have met with us, many of them more than once. (Their affiliations are as of the time of their appearance.)

David Andelman
Business Editor, The Daily News

Michelle Andrews
Senior Writer, Smart Money

Susan Antilla
Former columnist, Bloomberg News, The New York Times; Author, Tales From the Boom-Boom Room

Bob Arnold
Editor, BusinessWeek

Anirvan Banerji
Economic Cycle Institute

Maria Bartiromo
Business Anchor, CNBC

Richard Behar
Senior Writer, Fortune

Dennis Berman
Staff Writer, The Wall Street Journal

Rebecca Blumenstein
Bureau Chief, The Wall Street Journal

Will Bourne
Freelance editor

Marcus Brauchli
Global Editor, The Wall Street Journal

John Bussey
Foreign Editor, The Wall Street Journal

Christopher Byron
Columnist, The New York Post; Author, Martha Inc.

John Byrne
Editor, Fast Company

Nanette Byrnes
Associate Editor, BusinessWeek

Jean Chatzky
Columnist, Money magazine
Contributor, NBC’s Today Show

Reginald Chua
Editor, The Asian Wall Street Journal

Dan Colarusso
Business Editor, The New York Post

David Craig
New York Bureau Chief, USA Today

Kyle Crichton
Senior Editor, The New York Times Magazine

Jonathan Dahl
Executive Editor, SmartMoney

Greg David
Editor in Chief, Crain’s New York Business

David Dukceviche
Associate Editor, Forbes.com

Amy Dunkin

Tom Easton
New York Bureau Chief, The Economist

Peter Elstrom
News Director, Businessweek.com

Anne Fisher
Senior Writer, Fortune

Allan Frank
Producer/Correspondent, CNN Moneyline with Lou Dobbs

Catherine Fredman
Author and Journalist

Alix Freedman
Director of the investigative reporting team, The Wall Street Journal and recipient of the Pulitizer Prize for Investigative Reporting

Jon Friedman
Media Columnist, MarketWatch

Richard Galant
Deputy Managing Editor, Newsday

Eric Gonan
Executive Producer, Business Week TV

Rick Green
Business Editor, Newsday

Richard Greenberg
Senior Producer, NBC Dateline

Scott Gurvey
Producer, PBS Nightly Business Report

Amy Haimerl
Managing Editor, Silicon Alley Reporter

Keith Hammonds
Executive Editor, Fast Company

Diane Harris
Assistant Managing Editor, Money magazine

Laurie Hays
Technology Editor, The Wall Street Journal

Diane Henriques
Financial reporter, The New York Times

Andrew Hill
New York Bureau Chief, Financial Times

Kelly Holland
Editor, The New York Times

Mike Hofman
Executive Editor, Inc. magazine

Martin Howell
Editor-in Chief, Reuters (Equities)

Alan Hughes
Business Editor, Black Enterprise

Ron Insana
Anchor, CNBC

Jeremy Kahn
Writer, Fortune

Robin Kamen
Online Editor and General Manager, Crain’s New York Business

Dave Kansas
Section Editor, Money and Investing, The Wall Street Journal

Jared Kieling
Editorial Director, Bloomberg Press

Pam Kruger
Contributing Editor, Fast Company

Almar Latour
Editor, Technology, The Wall Street Journal

Robert Lenzner
Senior Editor, Forbes magazine

Joanne Lipman
Deputy Managing Editor and creator of the Weekend Journal section, The Wall Street Journal

Marshall Loeb
Financial commentator, CBS; former managing editor, Fortune and founding editor, Money

Tyler Mathisen
Anchor, CNBC; former Assistant Managing Editor, Money

Duff McDonald
Executive Editor, Red Herring

Beth McGrew
Vice president of Loan Pricing Corp., Reuters

Doris Michaels
Doris Michaels Literary Agency

Walter Middlebrook
Associate Editor, Recruiter, Newsday

Larry Neumeister
Legal Affairs Reporter, Associated Press

Floyd Norris
Chief Financial Correspondent, The New York Times

Greg O’Lear
Staff Recruiter, Associated Press

Cathy Panagoulias
Assistant Managing Editor, The Wall Street Journal

Grant Perry
Freelance Reporter, National Public Radio’s Marketplace

Robin Pogrebin
Culture Reporter, The New York Times

Tim Race
Executive Editor, The New York Times

Sarah Rainone
Editor, Doubleday Publishing

Larry Reibstein
Senior Editor, Forbes

Ed Robinson
Senior Writer, Business 2.0

Joshua Ronen
Professor of Accounting, NYU Stern School of Business

Frank Rose
Contributing Editor, Wired

Daniel Roth
Writer, Fortune

Herb Schaffner
Publisher, McGraw-Hill Books

Ron Scherer
New York Bureau Chief, Christian Science Monitor

Judith Schoolman
Reporter, The Daily News

Simran Sethi
Host/Writer, Ethical Markets

Noah Shactman
Editor, Defensetech.org

Nancy Solomon
Freelancer, National Public Radio

Richard Stern
Former Senior Writer, Forbes

Edward Sussman
Senior Editor, Worth

Aaron Task
Executive Editor, TheStreet.com

Edward Tobin
Senior Editor, Reuters

Teresa Tritch
Op-Ed writer, The New York Times

Richard Turner
Executive Editor, The Industry Standard

Mark Vamos
Executive Editor, Fast Company

Chris Vlasto
Producer, ABC News

David Wighton
New York Bureau Chief, Financial Times

Paul von Zielbauer
Investigative Reporter, The New York Times

Linda Wallerstein
Recruiter, The Wall Street Journal

Larkin Warren
Freelance writer, poet, and co-author with Robert L. Shapiro of The Search for Justice: A Defense Attorney’s Brief on the O.J. Simpson Case

Jonathan Weber
Editor-in-Chief, The Industry Standard

Elizabeth Weiner
Senior Editor, BusinessWeek

David Wighton
New York Bureau Chief, Financial Times

Ron Winslow
Senior Medical Writer, The Wall Street Journal

Jim Zarroli
Business Affairs Reporter, National Public Radio