Course Title No. of Credits
Required Courses Introduction to Literary Reportage 4
Writing, Research, Reporting I 4
Writing, Research, Reporting II (or reporting elective) 4
Portfolio Workshop I 4
Portfolio II (with Master Class) 4
Non-Fiction Narrative I and/or II 4
Master's Project 1
Apprenticeship 1
Elective Courses (see list below for Reading and Writing Literary Reportage options) One reporting course from the Institute's Specialized Reporting Workshops 4
One reading course from the Institute's Seminars 4
Open Elective 4
Total   38

A standard Literary Reportage course load looks like this


G54.1182.xx Introduction to Literary Reportage
G54.1021.xx Writing, Research and Reporting
G54.1050.xx Non Fiction Narrative I


G54.1182.xx Portfolio I
G54.1023.xx Non-Fiction Narrative II
Open Elective


G54.1182.xx Portfolio II
Open Elective
Open Elective
G54.1290.xx One-credit Apprenticeship


G54.1299.xx One-credit Masters' Project


Required courses for the concentration:

Literary Reportage Courses

Required Courses

Elective Courses

Writing Literary Reportage (Students must take one of these Specialized Reporting Workshops) (4 credits) They will be offered in informal rotation, depending on professor availability. Other options may be added as the concentration evolves.

Readings in Literary Reportage (Students must take one of these Reading/Writing Seminars) (4 credits). Other options may be added as the concentration evolves.

Other Shared Existing Department Electives of Particular Interest to this group (Students may take one of these electives) (4 credits)