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Reporting the Nation: In Multimedia students are required to complete 37 credits, over three semesters, including a one-credit, for-credit internship. All students are also required to take three interdisciplinary courses. These may be Institute sponsored courses taught by economists, sociologists or political scientists, or existing courses offered elsewhere in the university. (see below)

Typical full-time course of study

Semester 1 (Fall)

Semester 2 (Spring)

Semester 3 (Fall)

Interdisciplinary Courses

The following list is representative of the interdisciplinary courses for students in Reporting the Nation. Actual choices will vary semester by semester, depending on availability:


The main publishing tool of  Reporting New York: In Multimedia and Reporting the Nation: In Multimedia is our award wining site, Pavement Pieces. Our multiplatform work covering the city and the nation lives on this site.

Every year the concentrations travel to an underserved commuity for deadline driven, real world experience. Check out our latest assignment, "The Border Project"

Seventeen students, three professors and five freelance journalists, members of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and experts on covering the latino community, created a comprehensive package on the Arizona/Mexico border. In Fall of 2011 we traveled to  Detroit and covered the many serious issues the city faces.  The project was called Rebuilding Detroit. In fall of 2012 students traveled to every swing state and others to report on issues  on young voters mind.