Breaking News - Man at computer desk with map overlayed behind him

Reporting the News

Choose a beat and start reporting—then publish your work on our online publication.

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Books on a shelf

Law and Ethics in American Journalism

History, ethics, law—learn how to navigate murky waters.

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Female journalist wearing headphones doing online interview on the computer in home recording studio in the evening.

Media Startups and Innovation

Dream up the next hot media startup and pitch it to investors and entrepreneurs.

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Person writing at a desk on a laptop

Feature Writing

Use your words: learn to captivate and enthrall readers with vivid storytelling.

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Man wearing black and white striped shirt looking at board with notes

Investigative Reporting

Chase leads, dig dirt, sift through data, and follow the money.

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Multimedia Equipment

Multimedia Storytelling

Stories that come alive: shoot and edit video, add graphics and compile your own reel.

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Virtual Newsroom

The Broadcast Newsroom

Write, shoot, edit, publish!

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Podcasting - Photo of Microphone in front of podcasting software

Audio Storytelling

Learn how to produce your own podcasts and share them with the world.

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Long-Form Narrative

Read great works of journalism, then write your own.

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Two journalists on a street

The Working Journalist

Gather your clips, polish your resume, and land your dream job.

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Pathways through AJOM

We offer full-time and part-time options to complete an online master’s in American Journalism

Please note:

  • The degree requires eight courses totaling 30-32 credits to complete.
  • There are five required courses: Reporting the News, Feature Writing, Longform Narrative, Investigative Reporting, and Law & Ethics.
    • The following courses must be taken in order: Reporting the News, Feature Writing, then Long-Form Narrative.
    • Investigative Reporting should be taken after Reporting the News.
  • You will complete three elective courses. The electives are Multimedia Storytelling, Audio Storytelling, The Broadcast Newsroom, Media Startups & News Innovations, and The Working Journalist.
  • You may take summers off as long as you complete the program within 5 years.
  • Every course is worth four credits, except The Working Journalist which is two credits.


Some courses have prerequisites. Therefore, that you cannot take one course before another – they are intended to build on each other. See below for suggested sequences for AJO courses and electives,

Example Pathways to Graduation

Suggested Course Sequencing Schedules for AJO